Learning More on How Dell, Customers Support (PRODUCT) RED

Click to view more imagesRecently I had the pleasure of spending time with the (PRODUCT) RED team as we showed off the full Dell range at the Century Club on London's Shaftesbury Avenue. 

Dell decided to get involved with (PRODUCT) RED in the UK in January and every partner at the event seemed so proud to be involved.  (PRODUCT) RED raises vital money for the Global Fund to Fight AIDS in Africa. The statistics on AIDS in Africa are still so huge as to seem inhuman – of the 33 million people living with AIDS across the world, 22 million of them live in Africa.  Every single day 4,100 people will die in Africa as the virus flourishes in poverty. I learned at the event that (PRODUCT) RED had its name chosen as this is a real 'red alert' emergency – action is needed right away.

You can, of course, donate directly to The Global Fund. You can also support the campaign by shopping for (PRODUCT) RED branded items. Something I like about this is that all the partners have agreed that rather than raise the prices of their products, they will donate part of their profits to the fund.  This means the person on the street never pays more for something branded (PRODUCT) RED, but their chosen purchase still helps the fund to grow. So far (since 2006) the companies involved have helped to raise $130 million – a staggering amount in a short period of time.

Alongside the Converse trainers, GAP T-shirts and Armani little black dresses, our own Dell Inspiron Mini 10 in (PRODUCT) RED attracted a lot of attention from the movers and shakers in attendance there. The Mini 10 is a very popular Dell product, but does look truly stunning with a PRODUCT (RED) cover, I have to say.

We have also been lucky that the (PRODUCT) RED team and top artists have given us the okay to make up some fantastic exclusive designs for the Dell Studio 15 and Studio 17. Artists including Joseph Amedokpo, Bruce Mau and Siobhan Gunning have designed some brilliantly original imagery to give a unique purchase that also contributes to the fund.

I'm looking forward to seeing the Dell (PRODUCT) RED range continue to expand throughout the year. We have recently also announced the addition of the XPS One 24 (PRODUCT)RED – a stylish PC designed to fit in your living room. I think it is great the more brands get involved with (PRODUCT) RED and the extra choice this gives people have to support the campaign with their shopping – from trainers and sunshades to high-end lifestyle PCs.

About the Author: Ellen Murphy