Meeting Unique Needs—Verticalizing the Horizontals in IT Services

The IT infrastructures of businesses are a lot like snowflakes—everyone is unique—but, on the whole, it’s still snow. Increasingly, the key to remaining competitive within any given industry lies in the ability of IT service providers to keep the underlying needs of day-to-day operations in balance with the unique needs of particular IT environments. It’s a concept that Dell Services refers to as “verticalizing the horizontals.” It’s also the focus of a recent whitepaper, expressing Dell Services’ position on the customization of IT services across the various industries we serve.

Context is critical

There’s no doubt, certain elements of IT solutions have become utilities. But unless there’s the appropriate context aligned to that utility, technology advancements are meaningless. That’s where the service provider plays a critical role in the transformation journeys of vertical industries.

Today’s service providers must understand their customers’ industry in order to fully grasp the importance of the service they provide to their individual customers. This sounds basic, but it isn’t. For example, what does an IT service provider need to know about an insurance company to help them deliver on their business objectives? Turns out—quite a bit! As Deepak Satya, Director—Solutions for Dell Services and author of the position paper—explains:

“Customers are increasingly differentiating service providers that know and understand their unique vertical market needs from those who simply sell commoditized technology solutions to a horizontal or homogeneous set of buyers.”

So service-level agreements (SLAs) are shifting from purely technology-related to SLAs that deliver on business outcomes.

A well-charted path

“It is paramount for service providers to execute a well-chartered path to remain competitive in the future,” Deepak maintains. Here are a few recommendations that service providers, who intend to traverse on that journey, could find helpful:

  • Identify and evaluate options to develop differentiated value propositions
  • Expand horizontal service lines to create vertical-specific processes
  • Differentiate based on service capabilities to deliver superior value

In the future, service providers that successfully verticalize only stand to benefit from business growth, increased revenue and deeper customer loyalty.


Cover of whitepaper titled Verticalizing the Horizontals: A Dell PerspectiveAbout the whitepaper

Elements of technology services have become a utility. But without a context associated with these services and an understanding of the impact it will have on end users or the business, the services are meaningless. This whitepaper shows how services can be differentiated and designed to meet the unique needs of customers and their specific verticals. Dell Infrastructure Services align with the varied dynamics of vertical industries, and we refer to this as “verticalizing the horizontals.” Learn more about the changing paradigm of infrastructure services and how Dell’s approach can prepare you for the future.

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About the author

As the Director—Solutions, Dell Services, Deepak Satya heads the solution center for APJ, EMEA and Healthcare vertical. Having conceptualized and created the solution center hub in India, Deepak has assumed responsibilities for keeping Dell Services and its customers ahead of the curve, by developing new services, identifying transformational opportunities and creating solutions. Prior to joining Dell, Deepak has defined and aligned the services vision with business goals for Wipro Infotech, Wipro Technologies and Cognizant. He has extensive expertise in creating IT infrastructure services strategy, architecture, methodologies, standards and governance and is skilled in establishing and managing high-performance global teams, using blended onshore/offshore delivery models.

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