More Alienware Products Coming Soon

This must be what it feels like to give birth. I personally have not given birth to a human, but I do feel I’ve given birth to past Alienware products and am really excited about the new products joining the family very soon.  I’ve been seeing and hearing some amazing things about these units – not just performance-wise but the design mixed with functionality makes me proud to be part of this ever-loved brand culture.  We did some really exciting things to support the M17x launch back in June with the all powerful campaign and we are continuing to message our upcoming launch.  With the support of some interesting teasers images and a three-part video teaser, the mystery and lure of the Alienware’s brand continues.  Below is the latest video, check out the Alienware YouTube channel for others.

All the rumors and speculations will roll up to the big fireworks launch at the Tokyo Game show. At our booth we will showcase our entire new product line, with all the systems playing the latest PC games. There will be gaming tournaments on site, giveaways for our fans and a special promo they are running at the show to where customers can get a free Alienware TactX headset.   For all of those die-hard Alienware fans, follow our Facebook page, we will have show updates including video, pictures and coverage from and It’s going to get rowdy but in a good way. Stay tuned.

About the Author: Winnie Wong