More on Dell and the Windows 7 Upgrade Kits

Recently, there's been some chatter in places like Ubergizmo about reported delays with the Windows 7 upgrade kits. Here's the deal: we're currently working through a backlog of orders for the English version of the OS and we hope to be caught up by the end of this week. The main reason for the delays is that there's lots of customers who want it. Even though we had planned for that, demand has exceeded our initial expectations.

I've already blogged about how the upgrade process should work, but I think the steps of the process are worth repeating here:

  1. Determine system and Vista OS eligibility
  2. Register your eligible system for the upgrade at
  3. Place your order for the version that you  are eligible for (see table in the image below). 
  4. Once you successfully place your order, you can check the order status from the Windows 7 upgrade site at

Remember that not all versions of Vista or XP qualify. Vista Home Basic is one such example. Some customers I've talked to purchased a qualifying system without a version of Vista that's eligible. Your eligibility ultimately depends on both the hardware and the version of Vista or XP you ordered along with the date your system was purchased. See this image from the eligibility page for more details on the corresponding OS version and what OSes are not eligible in the text below the table.

Note: Clicking on it will also bring you directly to it.

Qualifying OSes

Some customers aren't able to complete the registration process (step #2 above) because their system is not in the database. We can fix this issue. See how to contact me down below.

Another common reasons for confusion is that registering your eligible system is only the first part of the process. You also have to place your order for Windows 7. In other words, registration alone does not initiate shipment of the kit. After registration, you have to log into your account at and order your kit. Once you've placed your order, you can also log into your account to view order status, shipping, and tracking information.

If you are having problems with any part of this process, I want to help you. Either comment on this post or contact me directly through sending me a private message or you can e-mail me here. Please share your service tag or order number, and let me know details about your specific situation. Posting your issue on the main Windows 7 Forum board is also an option.

Thank you for your patience during these first few weeks of the program. Beyond reaching out to me, here's some other places that might be helpful based on specific issues:

If you have problems registering a service tag:

If you have forgotten your password or have a problem logging in:

If you have issues with lost shipments or receipt of damaged product:

For more information about installing or upgrading to Windows 7:

If you would like to check the shipping status of your order: 

  • Visit the Windows 7 Upgrade website at  and log into your account using the email address and password that you entered when you registered your system. Click on the "Order Status" link on the right. The order status, shipping, and tracking information will be displayed. 

For all other questions and problems:

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