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IT organizations grapple daily with a challenging reality: complex siloed multicloud ecosystems, the imperative to restrain IT spending growth and the pressure to move more quickly while navigating skills gaps in the face of challenging economic headwinds. We launched our Dell APEX portfolio of services and solutions to help solve these challenges through a multicloud by design approach that brings the agility of the cloud to any IT environment, giving you greater control over your applications and data.

At Dell Technologies World, we’re expanding our APEX portfolio to client devices and the public cloud, giving you the freedom to run your IT wherever you choose, as efficiently as possible. Today’s announcements include:

Together these announcements help you further simplify multicloud complexity, boost workload agility and streamline IT operations. Here’s more on what these announcements mean.

Simplifying Multicloud Complexity

We often hear from customers that multicloud can be complex because it adds incompatible workflows and tools from different cloud environments. This leads to challenges like skill gaps, security and compliance concerns and constraints on data and workload mobility. To help simplify this complexity we adopted a ground-to-cloud strategy that brings our industry-leading software to major public clouds. This strategy enriches the public cloud experience and brings management consistency across all your various IT environments.

Last year, as part of this strategy, we announced we were bringing our advanced storage software capabilities to public clouds (previously known as Project Alpine). Today, we’re delivering on that promise by announcing Dell APEX Block Storage for AWS and Microsoft Azure, as well as Dell APEX File Storage for AWS. This lets you enjoy enterprise-class storage functionality, performance and scale in the public cloud, while also benefiting from improved data mobility and management consistency in multicloud environments. These new offerings join Dell APEX Protection Storage, which provides industry-leading data protection storage in AWS, Microsoft Azure, Google Cloud and Alibaba Cloud, and supports a broad data protection ecosystem.

We’re also simplifying multicloud complexity with new ways to manage multicloud storage and container deployments. Dell APEX Navigator for Multicloud Storage brings consolidated deployment, monitoring, management and mobility for Dell APEX block and file storage across multiple public clouds to the Dell APEX Console. Dell APEX Navigator for Kubernetes adds multicloud Kubernetes storage management to the Dell APEX Console. This helps you automate cluster discovery and Kubernetes resource types, while bringing enterprise storage capabilities to container and Kubernetes workloads.

Boosting Workload Agility

With Dell APEX, we want to give you the freedom to seamlessly run workloads wherever your business needs dictate, without being constrained by technology. This is part of our multicloud by design approach, which includes a cloud-to-ground dimension that lets you extend and optimize the experience of major cloud stacks to data center, colocation and edge environments.

Our new Dell APEX Cloud Platforms provide integrated full-stack automation for multiple cloud and Kubernetes orchestration stacks, including Microsoft Azure, Red Hat OpenShift and VMware. These new platforms provide a consistent operational experience by extending the cloud stack of your choice to on-premises and edge environments, with easy access to your preferred cloud services and the security, performance, efficiency and control of an on-premises solution.

Streamlining IT Operations

Customers tell us they want the freedom to deploy the technology they need, with a cost structure that works for them, so they can focus on growing their business, not managing infrastructure. We designed Dell APEX to bring simplified cloud experiences to dedicated IT environments, helping reduce the burden on IT, speed technology deployment, control costs and manage end-of-life assets securely and sustainably. Now we’re expanding Dell APEX to include servers and client devices.

With Dell APEX Compute, you can easily configure and deploy scalable and secure bare metal compute resources through the Dell APEX Console. This new subscription-based solution removes the challenges of infrastructure ownership and lets you subscribe to only the resources you need with the ability to scale when your business needs dictate.

Dell APEX PC-as-a-Service extends the benefits of Dell APEX to client devices and peripherals, software and services. Dell APEX PC-as-a-Service lets you obtain the latest client devices through a predictable monthly payment with the flexibility to scale up or down as needed.** Dell APEX PC-as-a-Service reduces the support burden on IT and speeds deployment of client devices and peripherals.

Unlocking the Full Potential of Multicloud

Our goal with Dell APEX has been to give our customers the freedom to run their IT wherever their business needs dictate. With these additions to the Dell APEX family, we’ve created the world’s most comprehensive as-a-Service and multicloud portfolio, spanning data center to public cloud to client devices, to help you operate and innovate faster through improved management and mobility of your applications and data, wherever they reside.

To learn more, tune into the keynote at Dell Technologies World or visit the Dell APEX homepage.


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