My First Two Months at Dell

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Four months ago I started working as a graduate at one of the most important technology companies of the market and I am so glad of being part of the team of Dell Spain.

group of graduate students standing together

Due to some work experience and some studies, I realized how important the technology is and how it is changing our ways of life, and I started to have interest about the movement of data that is generated nowadays and how it is managed, so for that, Dell was the perfect company to develop my career in this industry. Dell is not just a company that helps its customers to manage their information and helps them to transform their business, it also helps their employees to grow, personally and professionally.

Every week in Dell is more interesting and we have tons of events, in each one, we learn something new. My first event at the company was a meeting about the importance of cyber safety and how we must manage our social networks, especially in a professional way, to become more attractive to users.

Session of Cybersafety and Linkedin

A few weeks later, we had another event organized by Dell for Entrepreneurs about virtual reality. We had testimonies of three different companies that were devoting themselves to help users (companies, hospitals, employees, patients…) with the most advanced technology.

For example, one of them was helping people to overcome their fears through virtual reality glasses. It was not as good for me, because testing the glasses made me discover I’m afraid of heights!

But the event of the year was yet to come: Dell Forum Spain held on December 12th. A technology journey developed for professionals of the IT sector to discover new strategies, acquire innovative perspectives and explore new solutions that the company offers. There were around 1.500 participants!!

It was a great opportunity for me (mostly because I had only been working for the company for a month at that time) to meet some clients, partners and especially, colleagues at Dell.

And also to know the new technologies of the market, the most amazing products of the company and how is Dell introducing and modernizing the technology in this digital age.

It was a very interesting and entertaining day since where we didn’t stop learning, and connecting with a lot of people.

Dell Forum Spain

We also had another gathering about the tendencies of employment nowadays and the new options and opportunities we have inside and outside the company and how we can collaborate to improve them. We have English lessons every week for free, we also had a session about financial planning and a contest about some associated products to Dell.

Undoubtedly, we do not get bored at the company, we have a lot of interesting activities that are managed by the different organizations (Employee Resources Groups) such as Conexus, Genext, Planet, Pride, True Ability or Woman in Action dedicated to support different groups with events and activities.

To sum it up, Dell is a great company to develop yourself both personally and professionally. Thanks to the events that the company holds you have the opportunity to grow up both, individually and also as a team.

About the Author: Claudia Valdes

Claudia Valdes started as an EMEA Sales Graduate for Dell EMC Spain in November 2017. She is working hand to hand with the group of medium business of commercial private since then. She graduated two years ago in Tourism, and immediately after that she moved to the US (Miami) to gain some work experience. She was working at a pilot company in Marketing and Sales and because of that experience, she decided to start a source of direction in Marketing and Sales in Madrid. She is too ambitious and always looks forward to learn new things.
Topics in this article