Networking and Storage Webinars Available for Replay

Maybe you missed the emails. Maybe you meant to attend but had to meet with a customer instead. Maybe you are new to networking and didn’t know about the webinars. Whatever the reason, you still have the opportunity to view the Dell Networking webinars to help you learn more about our solutions. These replays cover 5 specific topics, from 10GbE in the Campus to Converged Data-Centers in a box or Storage and Networking solutions that truly work Better Together. You can find them all on the Dell Networking Solutions site.

Each about 30 minutes long, you can share them with your customers as part of your sales pitch to help educate them on what Dell is doing to help solve your customers storage and networking issues and then let them know how you are uniquely positioned to help them before, during and after the sale. Dell provides the products but you provide the services and value add that keeps your customers coming back for more.

There’s a total of five webinars that you can watch at your own pace, and in no particular order:

  • The “Dell Networking and Storage: Better together by design” webinar talks about just that – how Dell products are designed to work better together to give your customers complete solutions to their IT issues – not piecemeal band aids that need patches every few months.
  • In the second webinar, you’ll learn about how your customers can streamline maintenance and reduce cost with Dell PowerConnect for Campus Networking.
  • The Dell Force10 Z9000 and Dell Force10 S4810 data center switches which are used  to create resilient high-density Clos leaf-spine distributed core fabrics for small, medium and large data centers and are the topic for the third webinar.
  • The fourth webinar is also product based and is about the new Dell PowerConnect™ family of 1/30 GbE switches. They offer superior scalability, performance and energy efficiency to help your customers respond to ever-increasing network demands now and in the future.
  • Finally, the Dell Converged Blade Data Center is the topic for the fifth webinar. With blades you get superior processing power packed into a small form factor, saving space which is ideal for data centers that are space constrained.

So I encourage you to take a look and watch the webinars at your convenience.  They are full of great information that you can share with your customers and will help you be the trusted expert your customers have come to rely on for answers to their IT issues.  And best of all, you can view them whenever you want, just don’t stay up too late!  You have customers to see in the morning!

About the Author: Philippe Duchamp