New 4K and QHD Dell UltraSharp Monitors with PremierColor Designed for Color-Critical Needs

For professionals who specialize in projects that depend on the highest levels of color accuracy, there is no tolerance for visual errors. That’s why it’s so important for designers, video editors, architects and others in color-critical roles to choose a monitor that not only provides precise, accurate colors right out of the box with broad coverage of industry color standards, but also offers crisp images and consistent color viewing at any angle.

After looking closely at the needs of PC power users working in a variety of visual fields, like graphics and animation, video and film editing, print and publishing, photography, architecture and CAD/CAM design and geospatial visualization, we’re excited to introduce three new entries into our line of color-accurate monitors in 31.5-, 27- and 25-inch screen sizes.

Photo of Dell UltraSharp 27 Monitor (UP2716D)

The new Dell UltraSharp 32, Dell UltraSharp 27 and Dell UltraSharp 25 Monitors with PremierColor provide the ultimate color coverage and precision, along with an outstanding viewing experience that provides design professionals with the ideal color space to do their best work:

Dell PremierColor offers vivid, accurate, professional color standards.

  • Consistent, accurate and precise colors right out of the box at deltaE < 2, factory-calibrated for quick set up
  • Wide coverage of industry color standards with four key color spaces to choose from
  • Easy, user-enabled color customization
  • A high level of detail with a high color depth of 1.07 billion colors

4K and QHD resolution provides an outstanding viewing experience.

  • Outstanding screen clarity with QHD resolution on the 25” and 27” monitors and incredibly fine detail on the 31.5” monitor with Ultra HD 4K resolution
  • Colors remain consistent across an ultra-wide 178°/178°viewing angle
  • Ultra-thin border design on the 27” and 25” monitors for enhanced viewing and easy dual/multi-monitor setup

Cut down on technical challenges, thanks to Dell’s unmatched reliability.

  • Peace of mind with Premium Panel Guarantee
    • Minimized downtime with three years Advanced Exchange Service

The new models take the best of previous Dell UltraSharp models with PremierColor and add wider color coverage and connectivity enhancements designed to make day-to-day creative tasks easier.

Photo of Dell UltraSharp 32 Ultra HD 4K Monitor with PremierColor (UP3216Q)

Dell UltraSharp 32 Ultra HD 4K Monitor with PremierColor (UP3216Q)

With 6 million more pixels than Full-HD resolution screens, our new 32-inch Ultra HD 4K-resolution (3840 x 2160) monitor has two key updates compared to its predecessor:

  • Wider Color Coverage

Besides achieving a 99.5 percent Adobe RGB and 100 percent sRGB, the Dell UltraSharp 32 Monitor now includes two new color spaces — 100 percent REC709 and 87 percent DCI-P3. These two additional color spaces will aid color professionals in broadcasting and movie content production, among other tasks.

  • HDMI 2.0/MHL2.0 connectivity

Having a larger bandwidth than HDMI 1.4, HDMI 2.0 allows 4K content to be transferred at 60Hz, offering smooth video or movie viewing in 4K resolution.

 Photo of Dell UltraSharp 25 Monitor (UP2516D)

Dell UltraSharp 27 Monitor (UP2716D) & Dell UltraSharp 25 Monitor (UP2516D)

New 27- and 25-inch monitors now bring QHD resolution (2560 x 1440) to the desktop in a size and form factor that’s perfect for using multiple, connected monitors to display separate windows or a continuous image. Both sizes offer additional key updates:

  • More extensive color coverage with PremierColor

Besides achieving a 100 percent AdobeRGB and 100 percent sRGB, the new Dell UltraSharp Monitors with PremierColor both offer two new color spaces – 100 percent REC 709 and 98 percent DCI-P3 – to aid animation designers and video editors with post-production work.

  • Ultra-thin borders – great for multi-monitor setup

Thanks to new ultra-thin borders, users can now enjoy a seamless viewing experience when placing two or more monitors side by side. These monitors also pivot both clockwise and counter-clockwise so design professionals can put the thinnest borders side by side, enhancing the visual experience even when viewing content in portrait orientation.

  • Software development kit (SDK)

Dell's software development kit enables users to customize their Dell UltraSharp Monitors to their preferred in-house custom system, allowing them to easily manage color space and control video layout.

  • Keyboard, video, mouse (KVM)

Workers can view applications between two PCs simultaneously on screen and manage the content with only one keyboard and mouse.

From color accuracy to form factor, the new Dell UltraSharp Monitors with PremierColor address the unique needs of today’s design professionals in a way that ensures their hours spent in front of the screen are as efficient and productive as possible. We look forward to sharing them with you, and continuing to evolve our end-to-end business solutions to meet your workforce’s ever-changing needs.                

About the Author: Vinay Asdhir

Vinay leads Dell’s Displays business unit’s global marketing and is responsible for developing the product roadmap, go-to-market strategies, marketing launch activities, product lifecycle management, outbound marketing, competitive analysis and benchmarking and pricing for monitors.