New Dell Servers Offer Small Businesses Big Performance and Value

Many small and medium business customers have similar technology needs as larger companies. Things like performance, reliability and affordability matter just as much or more to small business owners. To meet those requirements, we designed two single-socket servers that support up to a quad-core Xeon processor, unprecedented memory expandability, and several redundancy features. These servers are available to customers worldwide starting today (Update: These servers will be available to customers in Latin America beginning March 25). Regardless of what server small and medium business customers choose, they can bet on performance and features that outdo many other single-socket servers available today.

There’s a lot of similarities between the PowerEdge T300 and the R300 servers. Both of them utilize the Intel 5100 chipset, and both support a wide range of processors, including Intel Celeron, Core 2 Duo, Xeon 3000 series, Xeon 5000 series. Additionally, the PowerEdge R300 also supports the Xeon low-voltage L5410 processor. Both servers also support up to 24GB DDR2 ECC memory, so businesses can run memory-apps with ease. Both servers can be ordered with many versions on Windows Server up to Windows Server 2008, Red Hat Linux Enterprise 5, and SUSE Linux Enterprise Server 9 and 10.

From a reliability standpoint, both offer hot-plug hard drives and redundant power supplies. They also support several different RAID options as well, and both can be managed with Dell’s OpenManage suite of tools.

Both offer lots standard security features like Trusted Platform Module support, a locking bezel and chassis intrusion switch to protect against unauthorized access to hard drives and other peripherals, and a locked-down internal USB port.

Through ProSupport, Dell offers a range of services to fit the needs of any small or medium business. See Cary Gumbert’s post for more details on what I mean there.  

The R300 is a 1U rack server that starts at $1,299. Click on the images below to pull up larger versions.

Dell PowerEdge R300

And the PowerEdge T300 is a tower server that starts at $999:

Dell PowerEdge T300

About the Author: Lionel Menchaca