New Dell SonicWALL Enterprise-Class Next-Gen Firewall for SMBs

It’s time to bring enterprise-class security to the smaller offices and schools that have tighter budgets, yet still require the latest security technology.  That’s just what the new Dell SonicWALL Network Security Appliance (NSA) 2600, launching this week at Dell Tech Camp, was designed to do.  Network administrators of small businesses, campuses and government agencies that may have slower internet speeds and fewer nodes, now have all the features of a full-blown enterprise next-generation firewall.  The Dell SonicWALL NSA 2600 TotalSecure prevents intrusions, blocks malware and controls access to inappropriate and unproductive web content. The NSA 2600 has all the features needed to run a small network – WAN failover, high availability with state synchronization, an integrated wireless controller for secure wireless, VPN and comprehensive SSL VPN platform support, including native iOS and Android clients, for today’s mobile work force and BYOD.

As members of a smaller organization, many of you may not have dedicated security departments to evaluate products.  Therefore, when you are buying a new switch or updating your computers, consider upgrading your protection of those valuable resources and data.  Our channel partners and Security Sales Specialists are experts who can answer your questions on why Dell SonicWALL is your best choice.  Here are some tips and new features we deliver:

  • Think network control.  The new NSA 2600 can help you manage your network by providing you with insight into what’s going on inside your network, and allowing you to prioritize the important applications, throttle back the less important ones and also block legitimate apps you do not want employees to use.
  • Consider protection.  Gartner and NSS Labs recognize Dell SonicWALL as a leader in this space.  While throughput varies, the NSA 2600 delivers the same security effectiveness as our flagship SuperMassive E10800. 
  • Insist on performance without compromise.  The NSA 2600 TotalSecure delivers features such as gateway anti-virus, intrusion prevention and content filtering, enabling you to fortify your assets and protect and respond to threats.   

The NSA 2600 is part of Dell’s Connected Security program that delivers an ecosystem of products to enable visibility and security across every entry point, from device to datacenter to the cloud.  For small organizations, you no longer have to compromise features or performance to get the same high level protection seen by enterprise-class firewalls.  We know your expect better. Now is the time to take a look at the Dell SonicWALL NSA 2600.

About the Author: Kent Shuart