New Dell Ultrasharp U2913WM 29” Ultra-wide monitor seamlessly blends work and play

Dell UltraSharp 2913WM ultra-wide display (USB 3.0 port close-up)With the recent launch of the Dell UltraSharp U2913WM 29” Ultra-wide monitor, Dell is continuing to blur the line between devices made for work and devices made for play. The U2913WM is Dell’s first 29” ultra-wide monitor with a unique aspect ratio of 21:9, helping you do more and take multi-tasking to a whole new level.  Wide Full HD, visually stunning color accuracy and a breathtaking panoramic view will redefine your entertainment experience after a productive day at work.

The Dell UltraSharp series offers one of the industry's highest-quality and most advanced technology experience, and you can count on the U2913WM to deliver uncompromising screen performance, precise, consistent colors, great usability and a wide array of connectivity options.

With colors calibrated at factory to support more than 99% sRGB color space at a delta-E of less than 5, and a 178°/178° ultra-wide viewing angle, you get an ideal monitor that offers amazing color accuracy and consistency from virtually any angle. Convenience to connect to multiple devices comes in the form of extensive connectivity ports.

I chatted with Lionel recently who told me that Dell's Listening and Command Center recently added two of these monitors there, and that having these were great to look at lots of Radian6 widgets side by side. If you want to see more detailed pictures of the display, check out the UltraSharp U2913WM album on Dell's Google+ page.

Productivity is Paramount

Dell knows how busy life gets sometimes; that’s why we encourage you to go wide to maximize your applications and productivity. The U2913WM’s massive screen provides time-conscious users with a great alternative to dual monitors. If that’s still not enough space for your project you can replicate or extend content to additional monitors using DisplayPort 1.2. This version of DisplayPort allows the U2913WM monitor to support daisy chain functionality that allows extension or replication without the hassle of having to connect the additional monitors to the source. The bottom line is that Dell knows that the more space you have to work, the better you can multitask efficiently.

Comfort is Key

The Dell UltraSharp experience is designed for comfort.  The U2913WM provides users with full adjustability features such as tilt, swivel and height adjustment. You can even detach the panel head and wall mount the device if so desired either in landscape or even portrait orientation!

Dell UltraSharp 2913WM ultra-wide display (left side view) Work smart with Dell Display Manager

Synchronize your applications and improve your visual experience. Dell Display Manager offers a variety of features that can help optimize your media presentation and maximize your monitor’s screen real estate, such as Auto Mode¹, Easy Arrange² and Smart Video Enhance³.

Optimize your Viewing Time

When you watch movies on the U2913WM you may feel like you’ve been transported to a nearby theatre.  With Smart Video Enhance, your video playing onscreen will automatically be detected and its colors and sharpness will be enhanced to its optimal settings. Choose Movie mode for recommended settings best for watching movies; and Advance mode if you prefer to customize your video settings by adjusting its contrast, sharpness, saturation, hue and offset on the OSD.

So whether you are checking out stock market data to make smarter predictions or watching a movie marathon with the kids, the Dell UltraSharp U2913WM is a clear, vivid productivity enabler.

Key Specs:

  • 29-inch (diagonal) VIS with LED backlights
  • 21:9 aspect ratio
  • Wide Full-HD 2560 x 1080 at 60 Hz (Max)
  • 178°/178° ultra-wide viewing angle
  • In-plane switching technology
  • Color calibration factory report
  • More than 99% sRGB (deltaE < 5)
  • DVI-D (HDCP), DisplayPort 1.2/ mini-DisplayPort, DP-out, HDMI, DVI-D (HDCP), VGA, 4 x USB 3.0 ports
  • Tilt, swivel and height adjustable (130mm)
  • Option to wall mount in landscape and portrait
  • Arsenic-free glass and mercury-free LED panel
  •  Dell Display Manager – Auto mode¹, PowerNap², Easy Arrange³, Smart Video Enhance⁴
  • ENERGY STAR, EPEAT Gold, TCO Certified Displays, CEL compliant


¹ Allows manual adjustment or auto assignment of optimum preset modes to specific software applications.

² Organizes your monitor screen by arranging/ tiling your applications side by side so that you can view more than one application window at one glance.

³Automatically enhances the colors and sharpness of your larger video window onscreen.

About the Author: George Toh

George Toh is Vice President of Dell’s Global Commercial Displays business. In his role, George is responsible for global product planning, marketing, business strategy and overall business leadership. George has been with Dell for more than 10 years and has held several leadership positions leading Marketing, Product and Test Engineering, Program management and Strategy. Prior to joining Dell, George held various marketing and sales management positions at other innovative companies like HP and Nestle. He is a technology geek at heart who really enjoys designing and delivering cool products!