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Just a day after we unveiled the Inspiron Mini 12 to the world, I figured we shouldn’t let all the consumer mobility products have all the fun. Today, we’re introducing several new OptiPlex business desktops: the OptiPlex 960, our most powerful and serviceable OptiPlex yet, along with the 760 and 360 and our first thin client machine—the OptiPlex FX160. But today’s announcement is more than just products. Today, we’re also expanding elements of our Flexible Computing Solutions, and augmenting all of it with remote service options and more.

Lots more to discuss, but take a look at my post over on Inside IT for more details on all of these machines. If you want to learn more… starting at 10am Central Time, you can view the webcast followed by a Q&A with Dell execs at

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. New OptiPlex Desktop Family

The chat session is now under way and will continue today until 4:30 Central Time. Either click on this link or click on the icon below.

 And here’s a video that highlights some of the new features of the new OptiPlex desktops:

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