New Rugged Servers Increase Performance for OEM Customers Without Sacrificing Durability

Dell OEM Solutions was recently described in CIO magazine as the “Most Profitable PC Company You’ve Never Heard Of.” They’re actually way more than a PC company.

For more than 15 years, the team has helped customers in several key vertical markets accelerate time to market with their intellectual property (IP) with customized technologies.

With the launch today of the PowerEdge R420xr, Dell OEM Solutions is making a big jump into the rugged server market. While Dell has been making servers for years, this product represents an expansion of the OEM solution set. With the R420xr, solution providers can take advantage of a server backed by Dell’s global supply chain and support that’s designed help them create systems and solutions that are capable of operating in extreme conditions.

Military personnel looking at Dell PowerEdge R420xr servers in a rack

OEM Rugged Server Solutions

With this product, solution providers can achieve greater flexibility in the solutions they develop. It has applications for emergency services, media, oil and gas, defense, and telecom industries, and can be used in embedded appliances, industrial automation, and anywhere extreme conditions exist.

The R420xr server is capable of continuous operation at 45 degrees Celsius and in the harshest environments. It contains an isolated hard drive cage to increase shock and vibration resiliency and a filtered bezel to help maintain optimal performance in places where dirt and dust are an unavoidable part of life. It can also withstand shock and altitude, meaning that it’s ready to be deployed around the globe.

Made to meet and exceed strict military requirements for holding up against extreme temperature, shock, vibration, and altitude (MIL-STD-810G), this is the premiere server when failure isn’t an option. It also meets the rigorous NEBS-3 and ETSI standards, meaning that it’s been tested for use in the telecom sector and will hold up even in extreme natural disaster conditions.

By combining a military- and carrier-grade server within a 1U rack that can withstand harsh environments, technology providers can develop new, adaptable solutions to some of their toughest challenges. The compact size, 1U and 20” rack depth, make this an ideal server for a range of applications. It can be used in industrial automation applications where vibrations, temperature, or other conditions may make it impossible to use a traditional server, or in mobile operations such as media vans or mobile command centers where communication is paramount no matter the surroundings.

In addition to the R420xr’s slender size, its extended lifecycle also makes it the most appealing server for embedded appliances. With a three-year sales lifecycle, OEMs can avoid frequent revalidation issues, reducing expense to increase the lifetime profitability of a product. In addition, solution providers can utilize Dell’s global distribution and delivery network, which means that manufacturers can count on not having interruptions in the supply chain that lead to costly down time.

Application: Oil and Gas Industry

The oil and gas sector has been developing smarter operations and the PowerEdge R420xr can empower swifter movement in creating a smooth, safer, more profitable end-to-end process for resource extraction, processing, and delivery.

Application: Mobile Disaster Headquarters

The Dell PowerEdge R420xr’s reduced depth (20” rack-depth), light weight, and rugged features make this the ideal server for mobile communication centers. Hot-swappable hard drives and power supplies allow for continuous run time when shutting down has serious repercussions.

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About the Author: Yogev Shimony