Now It’s Your Turn to Fly Like Annie

What inspires me most is stories about our customers, which is why I’m so excited about our new customer-focused advertising campaign. The latest iteration of “The power to do more” campaign is hitting airwaves on Sept. 29 in the U.S. It’s already underway in China, and it’s not about us – it’s about you and our customers.

As with Annie, the fifth grader featured in Dell’s latest back-to-school advertising who used her Dell laptop to fly, the people featured in the commercial campaign demonstrate the role technology plays in helping businesses and organizations of all shapes and sizes reach their goals.

Because we love to tell our customers’ stories so much and are so proud to be a small part of their success, we want you to get to know them too.

  • Want to know how entrepreneurs make their ideas a reality? Meet Current Motor CEO Lauren Flanagan and see how technology is built into every inch of the most intelligent electric scooter on the road.

  • Curious how doctors turn billions of bytes of shared information into a life-saving treatment for a child? We partnered with Translational Genomics Research Institute (TGen) as part of our Children’s Cancer Care initiative, providing the IT infrastructure, corporate funding and employee volunteers to support the cause.

  • Or how to make 70,000 trades a second reach one customer at a time? Under the leadership of Anna Ewing, one of the most transformative CIOs in the financial sector, NASDAQ OMX has transformed its IT infrastructure to grow into an exchange company with 25 markets around the globe, covering all major asset classes.

  • Ever wondered how to turn 30 million artifacts into a high-tech masterpiece? That’s just what the Museum of Natural History Vienna did when they created a virtualized, scalable environment, consolidating server storage by 77 percent and cutting IT administrative time in half.

  • Or how to turn 20 gigabytes of streaming data into a faster qualifying time? When the Caterham F1 Team was accepted into the Formula 1 circuit, they had just five months to build a team from scratch. In partnership with Dell, they developed a powerful IT infrastructure to take the team from the desktop to the driver’s seat, turning data into distance with the help of supercomputers capable of performing billions of calculations in the span of a few hours.

Technology’s role in learning and business isn’t about what happens in front of the computer or tablet screen. It’s about how people are using technology to accomplish their goals – whether that’s a child dreaming to fly, launching a global business or curing cancer.

We’ve worked hard with our creative agency partners at Y&R New York to bring our customers’ success stories to life. If you think we’re on the right track, feel free to share our latest TV spot or share your comments right here on Direct2Dell.

About the Author: Karen Quintos

Karen Quintos was previously Chief Customer Officer (CCO) for Dell.