OEM Solutions Enable Human Progress

How OEM Solutions works with customers to co-design solutions that continue to change our world for the better.

Throughout my eighteen-year career at Dell Technologies, I’ve worked across multiple divisions and geographies, engaging with thousands of customers from global players to large Government departments and individual consumers. And now, as I lead our global OEM Solutions business, I am regularly asked by family and friends: what’s new, what’s different?

Responding to customer needs

For me, what’s different about OEM is the way our technology becomes part of something bigger. We partner with our customers, who are often disruptors in their industries. Together, we combine our IP to bring innovation to market faster, co-designing solutions, that have changed and continue to change our world for the better. For example, our technology powers our OEM’s solutions, which they go on to use to diagnose and treat diseases, reduce energy costs, and make factories more efficient.

Co-designing solutions

How do we work together? We roll up our sleeves and become partners in the design process, making solutions that our OEM customers subsequently market and sell to their customer base. It’s a smart division of labor, where we both focus on our core expertise.

OEM’s strong engineering capability is exactly what sets us apart. We offer ruggedized systems certified for challenging environments, long lifecycle products with managed product transitions plus incremental expertise through a range of partners. We not only modify these products but can even build an entirely new solution or fully customize existing platforms to meet the exact needs of our customers and partners.

We help select the right compute power and customize the hardware platform to optimally run our customers’ IP. We test, certify, build, and ship it globally. Industries around the world rely on our expertise to accelerate their business and drive a positive impact on their communities worldwide. 

Faster detection of disease

For example, we provided our Dell Technologies product portfolio and best in class engineering services to Konica Minolta to develop a solution that can conduct deep tissue analysis and track minuscule changes in an individual’s mammogram over many years This will enable doctors to diagnose conditions such as breast and lung cancer sooner than before. Konica Minolta needed a powerful hardware platform that could process up to 300 images in a single scan and animate those images in mere minutes. By combining X-ray machines with advanced hardware and AI, doctors have access to new tools that ultimately protect lives. Our partnership story is told here.

A force for good

On the environmental front, we’ve collaborated with Doosan in South Korea to help turn the world on to cleaner and safer power. In India, our partnership with Qognify is making smart cities safer and more secure. In the UK, we’ve partnered with Hark to support their solution design to reduce energy expenditure and carbon emissions. Visit our OEM Solutions page for countless more examples of the impact we have driven with our customers around the world.

The future

As we continue into 2021, what lies ahead? Innovation continues to thrive particularly in vertical industries such as healthcare, transportation, industrial automation, and many more. To help these industries continue to evolve through technology, I’m excited about the potential of our recently launched OEM Engineered Solutions, which offers validated, turnkey customer solutions to end customers through Dell Technologies sales channels. We’re also building on the tremendous momentum we have with our channel partners to deliver capabilities that extend past our core strengths.

Our OEM customers are optimistic about the road ahead and will never stop innovating which is exactly why I’m heading into this year feeling incredibly energized. I see Edge computing continuing to drive digital transformation, and Dell Technologies and our OEM customers and partners are well-positioned to take advantage of this trend. As processors become more powerful, storage becomes more affordable and network access improves, I am confident that we’ll discover new opportunities to change our world for the better.

To all our OEM customers and partners, I look forward to working with you. Here’s to a great 2021!

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About the Author: Kyle Dufresne

Kyle Dufresne leads the OEM Solutions Group globally for Dell Technologies. OEM solutions is focused on leveraging Dell Technologies’ strategically aligned businesses to offer customers a comprehensive set of tier-1 technologies and solutions that help compress their time-to-market and scale their solutions globally. Leveraging a background that spans across multiple global organizations, Kyle focuses on the results customers are seeking to drive for their solutions and products that deliver value to their customers, partners and shareholders. Kyle started with Dell in 2003 as a Global Account Manager then moved into leadership roles, beginning in Dell’s Corporate Business followed by being named General Manager of Dell’s Global Business in Europe. Returning to the United States, Kyle became General Manager of Dell’s Consumer Retail Business in 2014, with added responsibility for Dell’s Public Business Group, overseeing the higher education and healthcare sales organization, and leading national alliances with top technology partners. In 2016, Kyle became President and General Manager of Global Client Compute Solutions (GCCS) and Global Compute & Networking (GCN), focused on selling client and server portfolios, as well as the software, services and peripherals that complement those products to Dell Technologies’ largest global customers. In this role, he was responsible for generating revenue, creating and driving business strategy, partner relations, and customer satisfaction. With a focus on purpose-driven leadership, Kyle not only drives for results and wins, but celebrates each milestone of the journey with his team. He has a reputation for being tough on the business, while valuing each team member and motivating them to be fully engaged contributors. Kyle’s involvement with and energy for his team and business are infectious. Kyle holds a Bachelor of Economics degree from the University of Rhode Island. Kyle and his wife Shelly are the proud parents of three children, two boys and one girl. Kyle currently resides in Atlanta, Georgia and in his free time can be found coaching his children, reading a good book, playing basketball, or tearing up the dirt bike track.