Office Productivity on an Android tablet? It’s Coming.

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Office productivity on an Android Tablet

Today’s knowledge workers are being asked to do more and more to help maintain a competitive edge, which has led to the blurring of lines between a work environment and personal life. Many people consider their workspaces to include airports, hotel rooms, customer sites or the home office. When 9-5 is no longer 9-5 and work is an activity instead of a set location, people want to be productive regardless of which device they are using and where they are – the key is to get the job done.

Staying productive on the goTechnology is increasingly enabling us to work how and when we want, and more importantly wherever we are. Recent studies such as the Evolving Workforce Study by Dell and Intel have shown that we are using multiple devices to complete our work in the most effective way possible. It’s no surprise that IT Decision Makers around the world are seeing productivity gains of 20% or more with tablet adoption. Most professionals choose the device most suited or most convenient to complete the task in hand rather than be constrained by location, device or technology. If someone is at their child’s baseball game and they get an urgent request to run some numbers, they want to be able to access, read and edit that document on the device they have on hand – and still catch the game.

That spreadsheet could just as easily be a presentation or contract, and those documents are likely based on Microsoft Office products like Word, PowerPoint or Excel. We are really excited that Microsoft is bringing its Office productivity suite to Android, as it brings increased business capabilities to the platform, and provides customers with true accessibility to the documents that they use most often across any of their devices. Office for Android will be available on Dell Venue tablets this summer.

Dell premium Android tablets, like the Venue 8 7000, will also soon be enabled for Android for Work. This platform makes it possible for business and personal information to securely coexist on one device, creating a standard, secure way to use one device for both work and play. When combined with Microsoft Office for Android, it provides true productivity for Android-based tablets.

Regardless of devices or operating system, security is paramount to ensure that corporate information stored in documents and apps is not compromised while users are working beyond the corporate firewall. Dell has invested considerable time in developing end point security and enterprise mobile management solutions such as Dell Mobile Workspace and Dell Mobility Management to ensure data integrity at all times while providing users with the ability to easily move their applications seamlessly from one device to another.

Our customers have repeatedly told us that they do not want to go to multiple vendors to pull together a solution that helps secure their data as it moves between people and devices, and manage the numerous devices that now reside on their network. Dell has the most holistic solution for organizations to enable their increasingly mobile workforce, because we offer a consistent experience across devices and operating systems.

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Topics in this article