On-demand Elastic Infrastructure Matches Silicon Labs’ Growth Demand

Dell APEX Flex on Demand enables Silicon Labs to rapidly scale IT infrastructure capacity to meet burst and peak demands.

Silicon Laboratories, Inc is a fabless semiconductor company and a leader in intelligent wireless technologies. As demand for innovative edge-enabled solutions surges, Silicon Labs is helping its customers build products that power transformation across industrial, commercial, home and life applications. These solutions include optimizing energy consumption and device security, reducing waste through industrial automation, revolutionizing vehicle theft recovery, enabling always-on retail experiences, ensuring secure and dependable continuous patient monitoring and even using telemetry to track and maintain the health of honeybees.

Through its integrated hardware and software platform, development tools, unmatched ecosystem and support, Silicon Labs is helping developers overcome complex wireless challenges. Businesses across multiple industries rely on long-term partnerships with Silicon Labs to bring new solutions to market faster. The company has now collaborated with Dell Technologies to deploy IT solutions that help maintain operational efficiency, keep production running smoothly and meet growing business needs.

The Dell APEX Flex on Demand solution is enabling Silicon Labs to rapidly scale compute capacity during periods of peak demand.** APEX Flex on Demand provides dedicated on-premises hardware and instant access to elastic compute capacity, enabling their business to respond quickly to dynamic fluctuations in workloads, avoid overprovisioning and control costs. APEX Flex on Demand is enabling Silicon Labs to lower their IT costs and enhance how workloads are managed.

Jud Barron at Silicon Labs explains, “The ability to use something like APEX Flex on Demand to bring capacity online unexpectedly, or very quickly, is a game changer for us. We have a fairly robust set of needs for our on-premises HPC farm. We selected APEX Flex on Demand because the pricing structure outperforms traditional CapEx as well as cloud solutions.”

Prior to working with Dell Technologies, Silicon Labs purchased all the hardware it used in its HPC farm. Due to these sizeable CapEx investments, and the high cost of equipment refreshes, outdated equipment would often continue to operate beyond its lifecycle. This led to both performance degradation and asset obsolescence.

APEX Flex on Demand provides the same flexibility and scalability of the cloud at a lower cost, and there is no need to reconfigure tools that the Silicon Labs design team has used for years. This has allowed the engineering teams’ workflow to remain untouched and gives them access to extra capacity whenever it is needed.

Barron also noted that, “APEX Flex on Demand gives us the flexibility to run jobs when we need them and where we need them. We don’t have to wait weeks or months for equipment to show up and get provisioned and deployed. We also have the control to achieve budget conformance because we know when demands are going to happen and how much we’re going to spend.”

APEX Flex on Demand provides on-premises hardware and elastic capacity to respond quickly to dynamic fluctuations in workloads while cutting down on overprovisioning and maintaining control over costs. Silicon Labs is now able to pay only for the capacity it uses, with immediate access to elastic resources when required.

Read the full Silicon Labs case study here and watch the video above.

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About the Author: Darren Fedorowicz

Darren Fedorowicz has more than 20 years of technology financing experience and currently manages Dell Financial Services US Enterprise, Corporate and Channel as well as VMware and APEX Custom Consumption program.