Two Major Energy-Efficiency Milestones

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If you're a frequent visitor to Dell Earth, you've probably noticed a little ticker at the bottom of the screen calculating cost and carbon savings enabled through power management on Dell OptiPlex desktops. A few minutes ago, we announced that we've enabled an estimated $3 billion in savings and helped avoid nearly 29 million tons of CO2 for OptiPlex users alone since 2005 (and still counting).

We've heard you loud and clear that energy efficiency and power management are top of mind. According to a recent study by 1E and the Alliance to Save Energy, power management alone can help reduce a PC's energy consumption by up to 80 percent. This allows customers to save an estimated $25 – $75 per desktop PC (for a small or medium business, this could equate to hundreds of dollars of energy savings a year).

Our new Energy Smart OptiPlex 960 takes energy efficiency a step further by enabling up to 43 percent less power consumption to reduce energy costs over the previous generation. The small form-factor model alsocontains at least 10 percent post-consumer recycled plastic (mini-tower and desktop will be available in December) and the packaging is up to 89 percent recyclable.

Since power-management adoption rates are influenced in part by user behavior, we've made a decision to ship OptiPlex desktop, Latitude laptop and Dell Precision Workstation systems with factory-enabled power-management features.

Meeting Energy Star's 5.0 Requirements Seven Months Early

We are also pleased to announce that we have met ENERGY STAR's more stringent 5.0 requirements more than seven months before a deadline set by the U.S. EPA. Our power adapters had already achieved this distinction back in June when we became the first tier-1 manufacturer to introduce an 80 PLUS Silver power supply

We announced earlier this year that we are designing laptops and desktops to consume up to 25 percent less energy by 2010.  This ENERGY STAR 5.0 announcement comes as a result of these efforts, and the new OptiPlex 960 among the compliant systems as well as the OptiPlex 760, Latitude E6400 and E4300 laptops and Precision M2400 mobile workstation.  You can expect frequent updates as we fulfill our commitment to become the greenest technology company on the planet.

While we've made a great deal of progress on energy efficiency and environmental stewardship, our work is only getting started. Let us know what you think. You can weigh in with your thoughts here or share an idea at IdeaStorm. We've said earlier that possibilities for greater energy savings and sustainability exists within every facet of our business, even in places that may not be apparent yet. With your help, these opportunities will be found and implemented. Together, we can make a difference in charting a path to a low-carbon future!

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Topics in this article