Our Experts Take on Data Protection Complexity, So You Don’t Have To

At Dell Technologies, we’ve seen just about everything you can imagine in a data center and there are very few challenges that rise above those of data protection. For example, we recently worked with a large-scale financial institution that transitioned from another backup vendor. When audit and compliance reviews were conducted, gaps were revealed, putting the customer at risk of losing data and equally important, major fines. Getting to compliance seemed overwhelming to them, but our experts quickly diagnosed the situation and prescribed the exact right solution.

Situations like the one above are all too common across industries. Data Protection as a strategy has become complex, more complex than many realize. Business-critical data resides in different types of storage and across data structures in private/public cloud, at the edge and in traditional data centers. Data loss can result from hardware failure, logic errors, human error and malicious activity.1 On top of all that, the volume of data continues to grow unabated.

Stream “Ease the Burden of Your Data Protection Operations with Expert Managed Services”. This session was presented at the Dell Technologies World Experience October, 2020.

Customers facing these complexities are concerned with protecting one of their most valuable assets – their data. With 71% of IT decision makers surveyed agreeing that emerging technologies create more data protection complexity—and 64% saying they lack confidence in their ability to fully recover systems or data in the event of an incident2—it was clear to us that a simple, more reliable packaged approach to data protection was needed.

Proven Expertise, Refined Processes and Automation

That’s why I’m excited to introduce Dell Managed Services for Data Protection, which combines industry-leading data protection technologies with our managed data protection expertise in one quick-to-deploy and easy-to-consume service.

Initially available in the US, we are taking our decades of expertise, technologies and know-how for data protection, and delivering these capabilities in a pre-packaged solution that can be ordered just like any other hardware or service through our Flex On Demand flexible consumption model. And, we pair this with our PowerProtect DD series appliance and Integrated Data Protection Appliance, from the #1 in Data Protection Appliances and Software in the industry.3

We thoroughly evaluate each customer’s needs, then utilize modern automation and global best-practices to apply the best solution for their business, just like we’ve done for enterprise customers across the world.

Real-Time Visibility

Our secure portals provide customers with real-time visibility into their environment. From predictive trends, to dashboard KPIs, to service level tracking, to compliance reports, IT organizations can use the same tools that our team uses to gain insights, respond to audits and initiate actions. For example, if you want to roll out a new data farm, then with just a couple of clicks, our team will deploy backup policies to the new servers as soon as they go online.

Flexible Consumption, Predictable Cost

In a recent IDC survey, backup and recovery tied for the #1 service IT professionals want to consume flexibly.4 To meet this need and eliminate over-provisioning, Managed Services for Data Protection is available through Flex on Demand. As the chart below shows, organizations pay only for the technology they use with buffer capacity to boot, giving them the ability to scale up or down as needed with predictable monthly payments – even during peak usage.5

“There is no doubt that with the implementation of this new data protection solution and the standardisation of our data protection platform, there has been a significant improvement in this service for our organisation.”
ꟷPatrick Misciagna, Woolworths’ General Manager of Service, Operations and Infrastructure

Confidence in Data Protection for Woolworths

One customer who leverages our capabilities is Woolworths, the largest grocer in Australia. Their IT team needed to increase efficiency and reduce costs of data protection operations. After a thorough review of their partners, they chose us to manage all aspects of their environment and as for data protection, we consistently deliver 99%+ backup success and 100% backup rerun success.

Leave Data Protection To Our Experts

It doesn’t matter whether you run IT for a large-scale financial institution or the largest grocer in Australia –or if you’re a smaller, commercial business that simply can’t settle for a backup solution that fails as often as it works. Dell Technologies Managed Services brings expertise, modern tools and best practices to protect the data that’s so vital to your company. No matter the mission, size or industry, you can count on us to protect your data and thus, your business… and do so without breaking the budget thanks to our flexible consumption solution.

Learn more about Managed Services for Data Protection by streaming our Dell Technologies World breakout session, “Ease the Burden of Your Data Protection Operations with Expert Managed Services”. This session was presented at the Dell Technologies World Experience October, 2020.

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About the Author: Robert Zitofsky

Robert Zitofsky, Senior Director in Dell Technologies Services, has global responsibility for the business development of Managed Services focused on the Data Center. Robert has been with Dell Technologies since 2012, joining via the EMC acquisition, leading a global team helping clients address the rapid transformation into more aaS models across the edge, to the core, to the cloud; along with participating and influencing the creation in ongoing Managed Services portfolio and its go-to-market programs. Prior to joining Dell Technologies Robert brought 20+ years of expanding strategic leadership roles at AT&T, EDS, IBM, and 6 years in founding and running a specialized IT Consulting company working with the Global 500 based in NYC. He completed his secondary education at North Carolina State University and the Freeman School of Business at Tulane University, and resides in Cary, NC.