Panoramic and Borderless Viewing Now Available with New Monitors

It was an exciting 2014 for Dell displays, full of growth and innovation. In the past year, we unveiled the world’s first monitor with Ultra HD 5K resolution, delivered the first and second generations of 4K monitors under $1,000 and announced new advancements in multimedia monitors. As we begin 2015, we are focused on our customers’ needs by designing monitors that offer both high performance and productivity-boosting features. In the spirit of the New Year, here is a glimpse at some of our recently launched innovative Dell monitors:

  • Immersive panoramic viewing on a curved screen: Whether you are a financial consultant, content developer, or gamer, you typically spend long hours moving your eyes across a flat screen monitor looking for detail and clarity while dealing with screen reflections that may cause your eyes to feel fatigued over time. To help maximize the user’s field of view while minimizing reflection and providing a more comfortable viewing experience, Dell carefully designed one of the first curved monitors on the market – the Dell UltraSharp 34 Monitor, a CES 2015 Innovation Honoree winner. It’s the ideal size for a curved monitor at 34” with a 21:9 aspect ratio. Users will experience vivid and exceptionally clear visuals on the virtually borderless screen. You’ll be immersed in the amazingly detailed WQHD resolution that actually provides 20% more pixels than two Full HD monitors.  But we didn’t stop there. We integrated powerful 18W speakers to transport users further into the digital world, while connectivity features support multiple monitors and peripherals for massive screen real estate. The Dell UltraSharp 34 Monitor (U3415W)  is now available globally for $1,199.99.

  • Virtually borderless viewing ideal for multi-monitor setup: Monitors are capable of changing the way you work with your computers and enhancing the way you view your work. The new Dell UltraSharp Monitors with ultra-thin bezels are sleek and stylishly designed to provide world-class screen performance and outstanding usability. Their ability to pivot 90° clockwise and counter-clockwise allows you to place the thinnest edges side by side to provide a seamless view in a multi-monitor set up and to maximize your screen real estate. Flexible features like tilt, swivel, and adjustable height let you work the way you like while colors on the screen remain consistent from virtually any angle with the monitors’ ultra-wide viewing angle.  The new Dell UltraSharp 24 Monitor (U2415) is available for $319.99, the Dell UltraSharp 25 Monitor (U2515H) is available for $499.99 and the new Dell UltraSharp 27 Monitor (U2715H) is available for $699.99

We are dedicated to listening to our customers and understanding their needs so that we can design monitors to answer their needs while we push the envelope in performance and color clarity at the same time. And judging by how many attendees of International CES this week were overheard remarking how they'd like one of these, that approach is paying off.

The new Dell monitor line-up should appeal to customers in an array of fields, from business executives to content developers to gamers and other consumers. The additions to our portfolio announced this week, and the 2015 CES Innovation Award Honor our UltraSharp 34 Curved Monitor received, reinforce the fact that Dell’s product innovation is truly industry-leading.

We are excited about our lineup of monitors in 2015, as we continue to build innovation in PC monitors based around our customers. We encourage you to participate in the conversation in the comments section below, or send them via Twitter to @Dell. Your feedback is our design inspiration.

About the Author: Joydip Gupta