PartnerDirect Channel Program Expands to Europe

Back in December, Lionel blogged about our PartnerDirect program which formalizes many of our efforts working with solution providers. Today, we’re expanding PartnerDirect across Europe, allowing further solution providers access to Dell's expertise in areas like build-to-order, software customization, and solution deployment capabilities.


I’ve uploaded an interview vlog with Josh Claman, Vice President and General Manager, Dell Channels EMEA, where he explains PartnerDirect for the European region in more detail. In the four minute vlog Josh shares how we plan to address channel conflict, evolve Dell's culture and gives insights to how we will shape this area of our business moving forward. 


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If you are interested to find out more, check out the PartnerDirect website at as well as a discussion board on the Dell Community Forum, which were launched back in December.

About the Author: Kerry Bridge