A Perfect Blend of Power Efficiency and Cooling

Introduce your customers to the advantages of innovative PowerEdge cooling systems

When it comes to specifying an optimum server infrastructure, power efficiency and cooling issues are often key considerations.

As well as operating as efficiently as possible, the best-suited servers in this instance will offer built-in automation features and resilient system design to ensure continued, optimal performance even when power or thermal conditions in the data center change.

Perfect blend of power efficiency, automation and resiliency

The latest Dell PowerEdge servers are built to perform using the least possible energy, to offer high server/rack density, and to be optimized to suit your customers’ specific operating environments.

Leading system design combines with embedded Dell OpenManage software and the Integrated Dell Remote Access Controller (iDRAC) – which monitor operations, automate routine maintenance and let IT policy drive actions – to ensure ongoing operations and simplified IT management in all circumstances.

An essential aspect of modern IT infrastructure

To help your customers to modernize their IT while also reducing costs, it makes sense to suggest that they take a closer look at ways to operate their data center servers as efficiently as possible.

Powered by next-generation Intel® Xeon® Scalable processors, new Dell PowerEdge servers incorporate efficiency at every stage of system design. The immediate operational benefits are further enhanced by intelligent built-in automation and innovative internal cooling systems that leave competitor products feeling the heat.

Did you know that Dell reports each PCIe slot’s cooling capacity? The industry-leading thermal and mechanical designs across the entire portfolio of next-generation Dell PowerEdge servers support greater density, extreme environments, higher power CPUs, NVMe, NVDIMMs, GPUs and FPGAs – all while delivering maximum performance and uptime.

Built-in efficiency advantages

With their inherently efficient system design, new PowerEdge servers allow more airflow, while Multi Vector Cooling automatically calculates and delivers the proper airflow needed for optimal cooling. Customers can also use Dell OpenManage Power Center to optimize their servers’ power consumption, with power capping functionality ensuring the greatest possible density.

A wide range of power supplies suits every need and size of workload, and the option of Direct Contact Liquid Cooling is also available. Using liquid to dissipate heat from PowerEdge servers typically delivers:

  • Higher server performance and reliability;
  • Greater density;
  • Decreased operating expenses.

PowerEdge thermal architecture, control algorithms, embedded iDRAC and OpenManage tools are all designed to ensure that component reliability and workload availability are the top priorities at all times.

Predictability and protection in changing operating conditions

Robust engineering and advanced Dell PowerEdge power and cooling technology prepares your customers’ data centers for the unexpected.

With PowerEdge servers, customers can benefit from peace of mind that workloads will keep running and data will be kept safe in the event of demanding power or thermal conditions.

Power efficiency, by design – reliable performance that enables effective scalability in all data centers:

  • Leading system design;
  • Optimized power management;
  • Scalable management.

Intelligent automation that maintains key workloads at desired performance levels:

  • Putting power where needed, automatically;
  • Optimizing performance in response to changes in operating conditions;
  • Increasing density with automated management of power/thermal demands.

Resiliency that protects IT operations and secures business continuity:

  • Infrastructure safety, despite thermal or power events.

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About the Author: Julie Tatum