Pike Powers Lab: Powering the future of sustainable energy solutions

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A ribbon-cutting ceremony earlier this week celebrated the opening of a high-tech laboratory in the middle of an Austin residential neighborhood not far from The University of Texas campus. The sleek, modern building blends with the surrounding homes, but once inside the doors it becomes very clear that this is no ordinary place. 

The building houses the Pike Powers Laboratory & Center for Commercialization, the latest development of Pecan Street, Inc., the country’s most robust and detailed energy consortium. The new lab is powered by equipment donated by Dell, Intel, National Instruments, Schneider Electric and others, and will allow researchers and companies to test innovative technologies that will be used in homes and businesses in the near future.

 Dell is a proud member of Pecan Street’s industry advisory consortium and our involvement is two-fold: first, as a responsible corporate citizen we are contributing our technology and expertise toward the goal of ensuring efficient and sustainable energy solutions for the future. Second, this commitment supports Dell’s transformation as a provider of end-to-end solutions for specific industries. 

Last October we launched our Smart Grid Data Management Solution that enables utility companies to better and more efficiently manage their distribution networks. Smart grid technology and other information-enabled networks can help utilities, businesses and consumers use natural resources in a wiser and more informed manner — improving both productivity and efficiency.  The opening of the Pike Powers lab facilitates further research to support this commitment. 

Jeff Gillespey (far right), Dell’s energy global practice lead, Don Lindsay (far left), utilities business development manager, and John Pflueger (second from left), principal environmental strategist, had the honor of joining namesake Pike Powers for the lab’s grand opening and look forward to continuing to support this unique project that truly gives customers the power to do more.  

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Topics in this article