Planning for Modern, Personalized Worker Experiences – How Good Is Your Plan?

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Worker experiences are a top of mind initiative for many organizations. Most workers are accustomed to having powerful tools, data and applications at their disposal on their personal devices and expect the same or better experience in their work environment. Vying for and retaining top talent requires organizations to enrich worker experiences or risk losing talent. For organizations looking to embark on workforce transformation initiatives, Dell Technologies’ new ProConsult Advisory Services can help develop a plan that aligns key stakeholders around a common strategy with a roadmap for transitioning from current to future state using our AS-IS / TO-BE methodology.

Explore Real-world Customer Engagements

In most cases, customers already have a vision of what they’re trying to do, but often struggle to gain alignment with key stakeholders and build consensus on the right plan. Three recent customer engagements with our ProConsult Advisory Services focused on workforce transformation initiatives all had a common theme. These customers knew they needed to do something but were unclear of what good looked like or how to get there.

Customer A – Workforce Persona Strategy

This customer had embarked on a comprehensive plan to modernize their end-user computing technology solutions, which coincided with a strategy for getting current and staying current with Windows 10. They essentially wanted to stay ahead of Microsoft’s deadlines. As part of this initiative, the customer had a strong desire to move towards a persona-centric model for determining the right computing experience, application entitlements, support services, security posture and other IT solutions to target for each worker segment. They wanted to drive cost efficiencies (bundles and packages) and consistency in the options provided to their workers. However, cost was only part of the equation.

Their worker experiences were central to their initiative. Additionally, they wanted to increase satisfaction through targeted content and tailor options to each worker based on their persona. The customer agreed with our vision for creating a persona-centric framework and operating model – one that can be applied to all IT solutions not just end user computing. Our engagement consisted of a combination the ProConsult Advisory Service focused on defining their persona-centric strategy and roadmap for 6 weeks and our Workforce Persona Strategy offer to help them formally define their initial personas and understand current worker sentiment and satisfaction.

Customer B – Multiple Workforce Initiatives

Competitive pressures to compete for and retain top talent were the motivators for this customer to spearhead several workforce centric initiatives – Office 365, intranet portal, IT portal, persona definition as well as communicating change and driving adoption of these new services. Worker feedback indicated the organization wasn’t keeping up with the times in terms of tools and experiences. Located in an area of the country not known as a technology hub for talent, they wanted to focus on delivering exceptional, personalized experiences to increase worker satisfaction, productivity and retention.

They had some ideas of what they wanted to do such as:

  1. Measure worker experiences (not just once, but often) with the ability to track trends and identify problem areas in real-time.
  2. Introduce some self-healing and self-service capabilities to workers, avoiding the need for traditional IT support involvement.
  3. Drive full adoption of Microsoft Office 365 workspace and business productivity services.
  4. Efficiently deliver EUC services through more automation and alignment of the whole ecosystem based on a persona-centric model.
  5. Transform the face of IT into a consumer-grade marketplace easing how the workforce consumes and orders IT services – a byproduct is an overall improved IT sentiment.

While these initiatives may seem separate, they’re very much related by a common theme of personalized worker experiences and satisfaction.

The customer had a vision, however lacked a cohesive strategy that incorporated all these projects into a unified transformation strategy with common dependencies and business benefits. Our consulting services are helping them with:

  • A client deployment assessment
  • Workforce persona strategy
  • ProConsult Advisory Service focused on overall workforce transformation

Our ProConsult Advisory Service is the springboard for developing a cohesive strategy around workforce transformational experiences along with a roadmap and benefits analysis for getting from their current AS-IS state to their future TO-BE state.

Customer C – Office 365 Ecosystem

This customer is in the highly regulated industry, requiring careful planning and sequencing around everything needed to fully deploy and adopt the Office 365 ecosystem. They wanted to plan and execute adoption of the following:

  • An overall persona strategy
  • Office 365 Readiness – core components, network and directory services, and identity management.
  • Exchange Online
  • SharePoint Online
  • OneDrive for Business
  • Office 365 ProPlus

Their objectives were to deliver modern worker experiences, while realizing the productivity benefits of the Office 365 tools.

They looked for a partner who could help them identify all the considerations around Office 365 – most importantly security and compliance – before embarking on their migration.

Approval from senior management hinged on providing a formal business case, which is where our ProConsult Advisory Service for Office 365 came into the picture. Our engagement centered around identifying what will it take to migrate and how long will it take – all packaged into a transformation plan for their executive team.

Start with a Well Thought Out Plan

A successful journey starts with a well thought out plan. How detailed your plan needs to be depends on your specific business requirements. Available in 1 day, 3 week, 6 week or completely custom engagements, our ProConsult Advisory Services can help you develop a plan for realizing your workforce initiatives. Contact your Dell Technologies representative to learn how we can help you plan your transformation initiatives or visit us on the web to learn more.

About the Author: Matthew Roberts

Matt Roberts has been with Consulting Services since 2006. Collaborating with customers for so many years to enable their employees to just get work done, he has a unique perspective on how best to leverage technology that spans Dell’s strategically aligned businesses, the Microsoft ecosystem, and other third party software to achieve real workforce transformations for clients. Matt is passionate about digital transformation, modernizing digital app experiences and developing solutions that make the digital workplace as productive, engaged, and connected as possible. With 20+ years of software and consulting experience, his career has focused on Digital and Web/App Development. He has broad digital strategy, solution and technology architecture expertise; with specific depth in portal, collaboration, digital/web, content mgmt., search, and ITSM solutions.
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