PowerEdge and Dell Management Plug-in for VMware vCenter recognized in CRN ‘15 Best Products of 2011’

One of the most respected product test centers in the industry, CRN Test Center, recently recognized two of our products – the PowerEdge C6145 and the Dell Management Plug-in for VMware vCenter – on their list of “The 15 Best Products of 2011.”

First, the Dell PowerEdge C6145 was described as follows:

“Consider what’s inside this box: support for up to 96 AMD Opteron processor cores, one TB of 1.333MHz DDR3 memory, 24 hot-swappable 2.5-inch (or 12 3.5-inch) SATA, SAS or SSDs, six half0length PCIe x16 expansion cards and a pair of x16 mezzanine slots. The Dell PowerEdge C6145 score on Geekbench of 22,607 was one of the highest we’ve ever seen in the CRN Test Center lab.”

The PowerEdge C6145 addresses high performance computing customers’ need to do more in less space and maximize performance. There’s no server on the market like it, which is why it also received CRN’s 2011 Tech Innovator Award for Servers.

And the Dell Management Plug-in for VMware vCenter was honored in the Data Center category:

“If VMware’s inventory reporting can be called exhaustive, Dell’s Management Center for vCenter is indefatigable. The tool takes administrators well beyond the world of virtualized hardware, and into what’s really happening into real hardware. It’s stunning, wide view of data center activity puts it into a class by itself this year.”

The Dell Management Plug-in helps address three customer priorities: reducing complexity, speeding deployment and minimizing risk.

CRN conducted this review remotely via the Round Rock Solutions Center. Providing reviewers with remote access via the Solutions Center enables reviewers to easily conduct solutions-focused product reviews and provides substantial savings for Dell.

About the Author: Lani Dame