Resilient and Secure Data Protection for VMware Telco Cloud

PowerProtect Data Management for VMware Telco Cloud ensures data protection in the dynamic landscape of rapidly evolving 5G networks.

In the dynamic landscape of telecommunications, where 5G networks are rapidly evolving, ensuring data protection is paramount. As communications service providers (CSPs) embrace cloud-native platforms like VMware Telco Cloud Platform, they need robust solutions to safeguard their critical workloads and components. Enter Dell Technologies PowerProtect Data Manager, a comprehensive data protection solution designed specifically for VMware Telco Cloud Platform.

The Challenge: Protecting Modern Telecom Infrastructure

VMware Telco Cloud Platform empowers CSPs to deploy and manage virtual network functions (VNFs) and containerized network functions (CNFs) across distributed 5G networks. With its holistic visibility, orchestration capabilities and operational consistency, the VMware Telco Cloud Platform enables CSPs to modernize their infrastructure efficiently. However, any modernized environment requires a robust data protection strategy to prevent downtime and data loss, and to ensure rapid recovery in case of disasters.

Introducing Dell Technologies PowerProtect Data Manager

Dell Technologies recognizes the critical role of data protection in today’s telecom landscape. The PowerProtect Data Manager is purpose-built to address the unique challenges faced by CSPs deploying VMware Telco Cloud Platform. Let’s explore its key capabilities:

  • Software-defined data protection. PowerProtect Data Manager offers flexible data protection and compliance across applications and cloud-native IT environments. Its software-defined approach ensures adaptability to changing workloads and applications.
  • Unique protection for telco cloud platform components. CSPs rely on VMware’s Telco Cloud Platform components for mission-critical operations. PowerProtect Data Manager ensures the availability of these components without business disruption. Whether it’s management/workload clusters or application instances, your critical workloads remain protected.
  • Autonomous operation. Automated discovery and protection are at the core of PowerProtect Data Manager. It seamlessly safeguards databases, virtual machines, file systems and Kubernetes containers. This results in competent and reliable data protection without manual intervention.
  • Efficient data protection. PowerProtect Data Manager integrates seamlessly with Dell PowerProtect DD series appliances. You can protect data directly to these appliances, with optional replication to secure Cyber Recovery vaults. Efficient, reliable and scalable data protection is now within reach.
  • Self-service backup and restore. Empower data owners with self-service capabilities. From our native interfaces, CSPs can initiate backups and restores effortlessly. No more dependency on specialized IT teams for routine data protection tasks.

This solution is more than just technology. It has been fully developed and verified in in Dell’s Open Telco Ecosystem Lab (OTEL), which validated the effectiveness of PowerProtect Data Manager for VMware Telco Cloud Platform. Dell’s OTEL facilities provided access to the latest cutting-edge technologies and tools to develop this solution. Our hybrid connectivity model enabled seamless collaboration between Dell and VMware through a global, virtually accessible lab. This approach allowed us to validate this solution effectively making it more consumable for mobile operators. Rest assured that you are deploying a solution that meets industry standards and best practices.

As CSPs embrace VMware Telco Cloud Platform, Dell Technologies stands by their side with robust data protection solutions. PowerProtect Data Manager ensures the resilience and security of your Telco Cloud Platform components and workloads. Modernize confidently, knowing that Dell Technologies is safeguarding your critical data.

To help you embrace this solution and learn more about it, we’ve developed the Dell Technologies PowerProtect Data Manager for VMware Telco Cloud Platform White Paper that explains more about the solution. And if you’re ready to take the next step in your journey to become protected, contact us.

Eric O'Callaghan

About the Author: Eric O'Callaghan

Eric O'Callaghan is Lead Architect in the Open Telecommunications Ecosystem Lab (OTEL). He is a passionate technologist with over 25 years of experience in Infrastructure, Cloud, HCI and Security disciplines. At OTEL he drives multiple partner and NEP certification programs that ensure fully validated platforms are delivered to our customers and meet their business objectives.