PowerProtect Data Manager: #1 in NPS Customer Satisfaction Rankings

Learn how PowerProtect Data Manager stands out in the sea of endless choices for your data protection needs.

In today’s digital age, we face a plethora of choices, from groceries to high-end enterprise solutions, leaving consumers and decision-makers evaluating how to invest wisely. The answer often resides in candid customer feedback from unbiased reviews and ratings. To this end, Net Promoter Scores (NPS) play a pivotal role. Essentially, NPS measures a customer’s inclination to recommend a product, indicating satisfaction or areas needing improvement. In the world of customer feedback, the value of genuine sentiment cannot be overstated. That’s why we take pride in subjecting our Dell Technologies NPS metrics to rigorous third-party validation through NPSx℠ Metrics Certification by the founders of the Net Promoter System®. This certification attests to the quality and consistency of our programs, aligning them with industry best practices.

Dell PowerProtect Data Manager: Leading the Pack in Customer Satisfaction

In a recent independent double-blind study conducted by a third-party vendor, Dell PowerProtect Data Manager emerged as the top choice in customer satisfaction for data protection software. This study took a comprehensive look at several data protection solutions in the market, including Rubrik, Cohesity, Veeam, Commvault and Veritas.1

But PowerProtect Data Manager didn’t just come out on top in terms of overall satisfaction. It was also recognized as a leader in innovation, scalability and operational simplicity. When IT decision-makers are investing in technology, they’re looking for solutions that will not only serve their immediate needs but also grow with their businesses and adapt to changing landscapes.

We believe that for organizations to thrive in today’s hybrid cloud world, they need data protection solutions that are modern, simple and resilient. Let’s look at how Data Manager is helping to deliver these key capabilities.


Our claim to innovation isn’t empty rhetoric; it’s grounded in reality. PowerProtect Data Manager sets the benchmark for modern data protection with these innovations.

  • Elevate your VMware virtual machine (VM) protection with Transparent Snapshots. This capability streamlines VM backups, ensuring minimal impact, boosted performance, cost savings, simplified management and reduced data loss risks for your VMs and VM resources.
  • Discover Dynamic NAS Protection, which dynamically slices network-attached storage (NAS) assets into streams, intelligently distributing workloads. Simplify, save time and enhance your SLAs with incremental forever backups for all NAS devices.
  • Experience PowerProtect Data Manager for Kubernetes Protection, which offers unified management, application consistency without agents and effortless Kubernetes container and development-test workloads backup and restores across various IT landscapes.
  • Use Recovery Orchestration for simple, flexible and granular VM mass restores in two clicks, securing data and meeting recovery goals on-premises and in multicloud environments.
  • PowerProtect Data Manager provides centralized PowerStore backups with Storage Direct, ensuring data immutability, control and exceptional user experiences across diverse environments.
  • Effortlessly achieve seamless and efficient capacity management with Smart Scale, simplifying backup data distribution across PowerProtect appliances for optimal performance, cost savings and comprehensive insights.


With constantly evolving risks and requirements, simplicity is important to ensure your data, wherever it resides, is protected at all times. With intuitive IT self-service capabilities, the PowerProtect Data Manager software-defined offering has made data protection effortless. It provides self-service backup and restore capabilities, enabling data owners from their native interfaces.

In addition, protecting your organization’s data is a breeze with the Dell PowerProtect Data Manager Appliance. It’s easy to deploy, configure and manage, catering to remote offices, small and medium-sized businesses for robust data protection.


Resiliency is the bedrock of a robust data protection strategy, and Dell Technologies understands its critical importance in ensuring that you can recover from cyberattacks with your specified RTOs.

PowerProtect Data Manager is developed alongside and has direct integration with Dell PowerProtect Cyber Recovery. Cyber Recovery creates immutable backups and stores them in an isolated recovery vault that is separated from cyberattack surfaces, and CyberSense uses AI-based machine learning to detect malicious activity and help determine a clean version of data to restore. Recovery orchestration allows PowerProtect Data Manager to automatically recover data from the Cyber Recovery vault back to production to minimize downtime in the event of a cyberattack.

PowerProtect DD appliances, which work seamlessly with PowerProtect Data Manager, also provide native data immutability capabilities, ensuring data integrity and minimizing data loss risks so your business can maintain critical operations without interruption.

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In today’s ever-evolving digital landscape, the importance of genuine customer sentiment cannot be underestimated. Our commitment to subjecting Dell Technologies to rigorous third-party validation through NPSx℠ Metrics Certification highlights our dedication to excellence. And as shown in the recent double-blind study conducted by a third-party vendor, Dell PowerProtect Data Manager leads in customer satisfaction, surpassing Rubrik, Cohesity, Veeam, Commvault and Veritas.1 It’s the modern, simple and resilient solution for thriving in today’s tech landscape.

Your journey toward experiencing modern data protection begins now. Discover the full potential of PowerProtect Data Manager today.

1 Based on Dell analysis in January 2023 using double-blinded, competitive benchmark Net Promoter Score (NPS) data gathered by third-party commissioned by Dell for 2H FY23

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Cliff DePuy is a Sr. Product Marketing Manager at Dell Technologies and is responsible for the Dell PowerProtect Data Manager messaging, marketing and sales enablement. He delivers content to help support next-generation data management and data backup capabilities to meet the needs of organizations of all sizes. Cliff joined Dell Technologies in February 2018. Cliff has a bachelor's degree in Electrical Engineering from Loyola Marymount University and a MBA degree from Santa Clara University.