Product Safety Awareness – Do You Need a New Battery?

Battery life is a key element to the enjoyment and usefulness of smart phones, tablets and notebook computers.  To help ensure the best user experience with battery power, Dell designs and tests its packs to maximize battery life and to ensure performance that is safe and reliable with Dell systems.  But all device batteries eventually reach a time when their ability to hold energy diminishes and you need to give thought to replacing the battery.

With today’s lithium ion batteries you should exercise care in selecting a replacement. Dell devotes significant resources to selecting battery part suppliers and to testing the reliability and safety of authentic Dell packs in order to implement battery technologies that work with specific Dell products in a reliable and safe manner. Because of this dedication, by both Dell and other mainstream technology companies, individual lithium-ion batteries provided by the brand manufacturers are safe and heat related failures are rare. Third parties may not devote the same resources to battery pack design, safety and reliability, and some third parties may even deliberately attempt to make their product look like authentic product. Third-party batteries present an increased risk of reliability, safety, and performance issues.  Batteries sold by second-hand sources are normally not authentic Dell batteries, and packs provided by after-market sources have been found more likely to be poorly manufactured and more likely to present a risk of fire or other failure. 

As a reminder, any issues arising from use of a non-Dell battery pack are not covered by your Dell warranty or your service contracts.  So when replacing battery packs for Dell products, we urge you to purchase directly from Dell.  For electronics generally, we recommend that users select the replacement batteries that are recommended by the manufacturer of your device, and always look for a Mark of Safety on the battery from an organization such as Underwriters Laboratories (UL). 

For more information, see also the notice from the Consumer Product Safety Commission.

When you are ready to replace the battery in your Dell laptop, visit our Battery and Adapter Selector to be sure you get the one that is right for you.

About the Author: Gary Schrempp