Protect Your Employees and Your Data with Dell Client Solutions Security

Dell Latitude Laptop NotebookAt the coffee shop. In the backseat of a taxi. Airport security. All places that any of us might likely rush off and forget to grab our laptop or tablet.

Companies of all sizes are facing a new challenge of how to protect their employees and their data that resides on such devices – the endpoints of the company network in the hands of its end users.

This is being caused by the confluence of a number of trends. End users are demanding greater freedom, mobility, and access to more collaborative tools like cloud-based public storage. At the same time, the amount of data that exists on devices and in the cloud continues to grow in number and importance. There are new regulations that affect nearly every industry around keeping customer, employee, and patient records secure. The importance of protecting company IP has never been higher. In addition, external threats are growing and increasingly focusing on the end user.

Over the last several years, many of the major breaches that made news headlines originated from endpoint attacks. There is a simple reason for this: endpoints are where the end user meets security. End users are normal people like you and me who make mistakes, who are curious, and who may not have the security knowledge to keep their data safe. This video reminds you just how easy it could be:

Because of that, IT teams around the world are struggling to keep up with empowering users, protecting data, meeting compliance standards, and addressing new external threats. And here at Dell, we’re working hard to help them.

Dell Client Solutions Security

Dell client solutions security products protect data wherever it goes, while enabling IT and end users to do more.

We focus on the top components of a comprehensive endpoint security strategy, offer a wide variety of technologies to get there, and perhaps most importantly, provide a simple way to manage all of these solutions in a low cost and efficient way across all users’ devices – no matter who owns them. 

At Dell we engineer our endpoint devices from the ground up to offer the most secure business laptops on the market. In addition, our security product portfolio can also work in a heterogeneous environment with multiple operating systems.

Only Dell offers the following essential security components:

In order to give you the inside information about our Client Solutions Security products, we’ve asked the product teams who actually designed and built them to explain how they work and what customer problems they are inspired to solve in a new blog series. These upcoming posts  will cover product tips, such as how to manage compliance needs with Dell Data Protection | Encryption, important industry trends in security related to our products, and how Dell is innovating for the next generation of security

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If there are other elements of our Client Solutions Security products you’d like to hear about, let us know in the comments below.

About the Author: Chasity Larios