Q&A with Dell OEM Channel Partner CCIntegration

The Dell OEM Channel Partner program is an ecosystem of providers who help companies design, manufacture, deliver and support their solutions sold to end users. Dell OEM Channel Partners are carefully selected based on their resources and capabilities dedicated to helping original equipment manufacturer (OEM) customers bring products to market efficiently.  Each solution is uniquely crafted to support the needs of the customer’s product requirements.  Whether our customers need custom hardware and software integration or financing options and inventory management, Dell OEM and our channel partners have them covered.

To introduce our channel partners and their capabilities, we’ve interviewed a few of them to learn a little more about their story and approach to the market.  Here is our most recent interview with CCIntegration:

We recently sat down with Keith Wood, Vice President of Sales & Marketing of CCIntegration, to learn more about their relationships with OEMs and Independent Software Vendors (ISVs)A channel veteran and previous strategic business consultant to Dell OEM, Keith has energized sales in the most volatile and competitive of markets through relentless customer focus and ongoing service.

Jessica:  Thanks for taking the time to speak with us!  Tell us about CCIntegration.

Keith:  CCIntegration’s success is largely due to our focus and agility.  We have been a Dell OEM partner since before the program’s inception.  Our company provides a variety of integration services around Dell OEM products.  Everything that leaves our integration is ready-to-deploy, meaning the system is ready to go when it reaches the customers site. Our San Jose integration center also supports cost effective global logistics and extended operating hours at quarter end to maximize our client’s revenue fulfillment goals.

Jessica:  CCIntegration (CCI) has a unique approach to working with ISVs.  What is driving this approach and how are you helping ISVs address the needs and requests from their customers?

Keith:  A trend has developed where many software companies no longer want to provide hardware appliances with their software.  Instead of having their customers source the hardware and install the software themselves, we offer a model to the ISV where their end-users can source an appliance (Ready-To-Deploy) from CCI to simplify and speed the process to return on investment.  We validate the hardware with the ISV’s software and then develop product sku’s and provide a secure dedicated web portal where end users can request quotes and place orders.

CCI identified a trend several years ago where ISV’s (software companies) who were selling system platforms with their solutions wanted to exit this business due to margin impact on the P&L. The ISV was moving away from the system appliance model and imposing the risks and costs of deployment on their end customers.  Our company identified this opportunity and developed a unique program to provide the ISV’s end customers with an appliance model that simplifies the deployment of the solution. Working together with the ISV, we develop validated ready-to-deploy products to support their software applications and offer these solutions via a dedicated web portal.  This enables their customers to order the product directly from CCI minimizing the multiple levels of mark-up on systems while delivering a more cost effective, “appliance-like” solution to the end user.

Jessica:  As one of our Channel Partners, we rely on your knowledge and experience in the marketplace.  What makes the Dell-CCI offering beneficial to OEMs?

Keith:  CCIntegration has found that while we service many verticals the customer’s platform requirements aren’t necessarily unique to the vertical.  With that said, our current customer base includes:  Network Security Appliances (Messaging, Next Generation Gateways, WAN Optimization, Network Surveillance, Deep Packet inspection, etc), Medical (Genome Sequencing, Big Data), Communications (VOIP messaging, Call Recording, Head-end equipment), Education (Media Servers, Client Devices), Storage Infrastructure, Cloud Enablement (System infrastructure, Hosting and Managed Services).

CCIntegration logoJessica:  What is a fun factoid most people would not know about CCI?

Keith:  Our company is known as CCI.  The name originated from one of the previous owner’s daughter’s name (Cassidy or Cassidy Computer Inc (CCI)).

To learn more about our Dell OEM channel partner program, visit our site: dell.com/oemchannelpartners

To learn more about CCIntegration, visit:  ccintegration.com  

About the Author: Jessica Adams