Q&A with Susan Wilson Solovic

We were able to chat with Susan Wilson Solovic, author of the “Girls’ Guide to Building a MillionDollar Business” and co-founder of SBTV.com, at the Microsoft Office Live Small Business Vision to Ventureevent where she was the keynote speaker. In this vlog, Susan discusses
the greatest challenges facing women entrepreneurs starting a business
and how to overcome these challenges:

You can view an on-demand Webcast of the Vision to Venture event to see Susan’s keynote from the event – or to listen to the other speakers – John Jantsch and Rich Sloan.  As I indicated in my blog post,
it was a great event so the webcast is a great way to experience Vision
to Venture in case you missed it when it was in your city (or it didn’t
come to a city near you!)  

About the Author: Kelly Curnow