Raising the VAR: Dell Announces a Re-architecture of the PartnerDirect Channel Program

The past few years have been busy ones for Dell’s channel efforts. We now support over 60,000 partners worldwide through our PartnerDirect program.

Despite that success, we know we can always improve. Today we are expanding the program by introducing new partner tiers. Our goal is to make it easier for partners to offer solutions that meet the needs of their customers.

When Dell announced the PartnerDirect channel program in 2007, there was skepticism. Dell’s roots were direct. We started with a very small base of resellers and over the past few years, we have worked to build relationships with a growing list of partners.

In a recent interview with CRN, Michael Dell talked about his commitment to growing our channel program, "Our partners are a very important part of Dell’s overall growth strategy. In fact, a rapidly growing portion of our commercial business is now with our partners, and we see that continuing to increase. We’re very committed to these relationships, and we value the unique insights our channel partners have around what customers want and need from their IT solutions. When our customers grow and succeed, so do our partners, and so do we."  In my view, recent acquisitions of companies like Boomi and Compellent are evidence of our commitment to the channel in providing a variety of versatile solutions our partners can use to extend the best experience for their customers. Responding to that need drives our commitment to providing a wide range of solutions for our channel partners.

Beyond the focus on innovative solutions for our channel partners, our PartnerDirect program also provides robust training and certification programs that help our partners establish themselves as experts in a many different areas. I completely agree with Kathy Schneider when she says, “Vendor certifications may demonstrate investment in capability and expertise. They can validate the reseller as a trusted technology partner.” We’ve been working with partners as our program continues to evolve. Partners have made it clear that they want tools that can help them grow their business, while providing customers solutions to business problems.

Our expanded program now includes the following classifications:

  • Registered partners
  • Preferred partners
  • Premier partners

Registered partners remain a key part of our program. As a Registered partner, you will continue to receive the benefits of the PartnerDirect program to help you grow your relationship with Dell.

Registered partners who achieve at least one PartnerDirect certification may go on to become Preferred partners. As a Preferred partner, you will be recognized as an expert and showcase the areas of specialization that are unique to your business. We offer a very robust certification program and a variety of training courses that are applicable to your business.

As you continue to grow your relationship with Dell, a Preferred partner can achieve a Premier partner level. As a Premier partner, you have shown your commitment to working with Dell by completing two or more certifications and at least one solution course. The expansion of our program into three tiers shows our commitment to those partners who go the extra mile to devote time and effort into further acquiring certifications and training on Dell solutions.

There are more requirements and benefits to each tier. Requirements and benefits might vary by region, so please be sure to check your regional partner portal for information that is applicable to you. If you are a Registered or Certified partner already, you should have received an e-mail from Greg Davis, VP and General Manager of Global Commercial Channels, detailing the changes to the program (here's a copy of that e-mail). For those who have not yet received the e-mail from Greg, please contact your Dell sales representative for more information or visit the PartnerDirect portal to review the new partner requirements. If you are a Certified partner you will not lose your certification(s). Your classification as a Registered, Preferred, or Premier partner will depend on your current standing.

Clicking on the image below will take you to the PartnerDirect portal for the United States:


For more information, please visit your regional partner portal. Links to some of our global partner portals are available below.

We appreciate the efforts of our current partners and look forward to welcoming new partners. I hope this expansion of the PartnerDirect program helps you achieve your business goals while providing your customers with an evolving portfolio of innovative solutions that meet their needs.

Welcome your comments below, or on Twitter via the @DellChannel account. I have also attached a copy of Greg's e-mail to this post. 

About the Author: Cecy Correa