Remembering What’s Really Important Behind the Reconnect Program

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We've posted a number of times about our work with Goodwill through the Reconnect program. In fact we launched Reconnect in the greater Rochester, New York, area in partnership with ABVI-Goodwill just last week.  With this and the Reconnect Buffalo program, consumers in a large part of New York state how have free and convenient recycling for used computer products available to them.  Welcome to our latest partners in Rochester!

I was in Washington with my colleague Mike Watson last week at the annual Goodwill Delegates' Assembly.  Representatives from nearly 170 Goodwill organizations across the U.S. were in Washington for this meeting to discuss a wide range of issues that Goodwill works to tackle.  It's a good opportunity for us to see our existing and future Reconnect partners as we continue to talk about plans to expand the program to bring free recycling to even more consumers across the U.S.

 In the midst of all the recycling talk, we had an opportunity to remember and celebrate what's really important about our work with Goodwill.  Goodwill's mission is about putting people to work, especially those with barriers to employment.  And proceeds from Reconnect programs help support Goodwill programs that support that mission.

I had the honor of presenting an award to Darryl Humphrey who was recognized as Goodwill's Graduate of the Year at the annual awards dinner at the conference.  Darryl was truly an inspiration.  He lost his job when he began to lose his sight and had to turn to his local Goodwill for assistance.  They helped him get back on his feet but more importantly, they helped him reach a lifelong dream of working for the New York City Police Department.  Today Darryl is an administrative aide with the NYPD's 49th Precinct, working directly with civilians who come to the precinct to file a report or request help, and he's enormously respected by his colleagues.  I'm in the photo with Darryl below.

 Darryl Humphrey

As always we'll keep you posted as we expand Reconnect, and look forward to supporting Goodwill as they help individuals like Darryl in communities across the nation.

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