Resident Engineers – the Helping Hand Your Company Needs to Drive into the Future

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Have you faced obstacles where you could have used a helping hand to implement a project or manage some day-to-day activities? Over the past year, we all have been reimagining the future of work while still trying to keep operations and strategic initiatives moving forward. I liken our Residency Services to being a helping hand and one recent example was our work with a very large bank that needed to prepare 5,000 employees to work from home without any disruption to their essential banking services. Our resident engineer assisted with the implementation of a scalable VDI solution and helped the customer shift their way of working to adjust to their new virtual environment.

Resident Engineers Can Be Your Helping Hand

Our Dell Technologies Services’ resident engineers are an extension of your staff from our roster of IT experts. Residents can help in a lot of areas like accelerating technology adoption and optimizing solutions to suit your unique environment. And they are available onsite and remotely to suit unique needs. While Residency is a very individualized service catering to your specific requirements, the overall goal is to get technology working to its full potential without interrupting strategic priorities.

IDC Survey Documents What Value Resident Engineers Drive Back to Your Business

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Over the years, we’ve seen our customers gain significant benefits from our Residency Services, but we wanted to gain more tangible proof, so Dell Technologies commissioned industry analyst firm IDC to conduct an online global survey of 1,047 CIOs and IT professionals across all regions to gather insight into how IT organizations are currently using and benefitting from resident engineers.1

We learned there are three core areas that are the most commonly addressed:

  • Helping companies fully adopt a new technology solution
  • Optimizing and improving the performance of existing technology
  • Taking full advantage of knowledge transfer and documentation expertise

When we look at meeting these needs, nearly 100% recognized direct value from their resident across a variety of IT and business outcomes. While half of those surveyed recognized residents in helping get more value out of new technologies, a more impressive result found that 47% saw a direct impact from residents in increasing revenue from better use of that technology. Sometimes an elusive goal, it’s rewarding to see that residents can impact this crucial contribution from IT.

Residency engineers bring value

Companies are also challenged to bring in new technology in a way that is effective and doesn’t interrupt everyday work. Residency was found to have measured benefits in this area as well, avoiding an average of 23 incidents per month and 9-week time savings in staff adoption and utilization.

resident engineers help IT organizationsAnd residents deliver IT service delivery related benefits – from a significant improvement in the performance of technology to making the IT staff more efficient.

resident engineers reduce cost

Three Things to Consider When Bringing on a Resident Engineer

Hopefully, I’ve convinced you to consider adding a resident to your team. To ensure a successful engagement, there are a few key things you need to consider.

  1. Be selective and make sure the resident engineer is a good fit for your organization – this is one of the areas we pride ourselves in. We have a rigorous process to identify the right match for your technology needs and culture. Residents are trained across the entire infrastructure environment, but also have in-depth knowledge and certifications for specific Dell EMC products.
  2. Residents can work on anything but are directed by you – You have full control over setting the resident’s priorities. Do you need help optimizing effectiveness and use of a specific technology within your environment or transitioning to something new coming in, or are you struggling to keep up with day to day IT operations among everything else your team is facing? Think about your list of priorities, discuss with your team and then document a work plan.
  3. Get the most out of your Residency experience – Resident engineers have a deep level of technical expertise and can help you get the most out of your IT solutions, but you also have the freedom to extend or shift their focus as your business needs change. Plus, they can set your team up for success into the future, sharing knowledge and best practices, infusing your team with a little bit of that Dell Technologies know-how.

Take Your Next Step

Learn more about how residents can become the helping hand you need by viewing our videos or contact your Dell Technologies Services representative to put a resident to work in your organization.

 1Source: IDC InfoBrief, sponsored by Dell Technologies, The Value of Resident Engineers on your IT Transformation Journey, June 2020

About the Author: Steven Seserman

Steven is a Director of Product Management for Dell Technologies Services. He currently leads a team of professionals responsible for developing Enterprise Deployment offerings for Dell Technologies services portfolio.  Steve holds a BS and MBA as well as more than 30 years of experience in Customer Service, Support, Professional Services and Service Logistics.
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