Resolve to do more Online Marketing

Do you have an online marketing plan for your small business, or is it something you avoid doing more than your own taxes? According to a survey conducted by Microsoft adCenter, small business owners are still hesitant to create online marketing plans or even start a small campaign. When you think about online marketing, are you part of the 81% that question whether paid search marketing is the best use of your budget?

Below are a few opinions expressed by the survey participants followed by some great online resources that can help you overcome your fear of online marketing.

Keywords may become too expensive. Finding the right balance between paid and organic search with help you get the most bang for your buck. Also, don't forget about using negative keywords.

Paid search marketing is too complex. It may seem overwhelming at first, but there are several things you can do yourself to stay competitive without getting caught in its increasingly complex process.

It's too time-consuming. Like with many things in life and business, the amount of time you invest is what you should expect to get back. Don't feel like you need to be marketing everywhere online because you can drive business without driving yourself crazy.

We need an agency to help set up a campaign. There are several great blogs that give free how-to advice on SEO like Search Engine Guide and Small Business Mavericks. But, if you still want the help of an agency, check out Search Engine Marketing Professional Organization's member listing of reputable SEO marketing professionals.

About the Author: Kara Krautter