ScaleMP Takes Newest Dell Server Solution for a Spin

In the post from last week, Steve Felice explains how small and medium businesses can benefit from our newest enterprise solutions. When smaller companies grow, the necessary technology changes often fall into the hands of the president or CEO. Even if you do have an IT Manager or consultant, it’s important, as an entrepreneur, to understand why upgrading your servers can lift business efficiency in a down economy.

To better understand how our new streamlined enterprise solutions could benefit some of our mid-sized customers, we asked ScaleMP to ‘test-drive’ our PowerEdge™ M610 blade server. ScaleMP is a leading provider of virtualization for high-end computing, experiencing major growth as a company (Linux Magazine recently named them one of the top 20 Companies to Watch in 2009).

Their software product vSMP Foundation is used to replace the custom hardware and components that make traditional symmetric multiprocessors expensive. vSMP Foundation can aggregate up to 16 x86 systems to create a single system with 4 to 32 processors (128 cores) and up to 1 TB of shared memory. Their widgetry also simplifies clustering infrastructure with a single operating system.

As a company providing a simplified virtualization solution, ScaleMP needed improved performance from their own servers to better scale their technology. Shai Fultheim, ScaleMP’s Founder and CEO told us that the performance increase delivered by the M610 blade servers meant a significant and quick return on investment for their customers.

With the new servers and software, ScaleMP not only saw an amazing performance improvement over the previous generation of servers but made the total IT solution easier to manage and use. The ScaleMP and Dell solution they now can offer customers affords them more time and resources to start doing new things. For Shai Fultheim, working with Dell on these servers helps his company innovate with other businesses to make advances in the High Performance Computing (HPC) frontier.

About the Author: Kara Krautter