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We hear regularly from our small and medium business (SMB) customers that they want to save time and money by going paperless, and they’re curious if digital documents can improve collaboration within their team as well as with customers.

That’s when we love to share how our innovative Dell Document Hub imaging solution can meet those needs and address their concerns by improving efficiency while on the go. And we’re not the only ones who see advantages.

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"Consider using a paperless solution not only to draw efficiencies, but also to stay green and support the environment," says entrepreneur Andre Lavoie when discussing ways to quickly get new employees up to speed. "This could be done by providing electronic forms employees could fill out on a company computer or even have emailed to them before their first day."

Businesses around the world are making the shift towards smart document processing, and we want to help increase collaboration by bringing added convenience to the workforce wherever employees may be working. Dell Document Hub enables simplified access to popular cloud storage services – either directly from compatible printers or through mobile devices via the Dell Document Hub app which is supported on Windows 8, Windows 8.1 and Windows RT devices – so our customers can work smarter, anywhere. Through this solution, we allow customers to share, create and print content via the cloud, and with cloud-based Optical Character Recognition (OCR), scanned hardcopies can be converted into editable files for easy search and edits.  

Many of our small business customers have tasks that require them to work outside of the office, and Dell Document Hub helps with enabling easy accessibility and mobile flexibility. Whether business professionals are travelling on a business trip or meeting with a client one block over, the Dell Document Hub allows SMB users to search for files across multiple clouds at once, preview files before printing and gain peace of mind with the confidence that they can securely access their documents anywhere.

In comparison to offerings from competitors like HP and Brother, Dell’s solution supports delivery to more cloud storage services, while the available cloud-based OCR processing also enables customers to digitize hard copies of documents and deliver searchable, editable file formats to their desired cloud destination. According research by BLI, Dell’s OCR processing created documents that were more true to the original for documents with moderate to heavy formatting.

“Dell Document Hub is the superior solution among the products tested. For creating editable and searchable documents, Dell Document Hub delivered better OCR accuracy with an easier, less time-consuming workflow, which can mean greater productivity for users,” said Jamie B., sales senior product editor for solutions at BLI.

When creating editable and searchable documents, Dell Document Hub delivered better OCR accuracy with a less time-consuming workflow. Dell’s available cloud-based OCR processing means users can deliver searchable, editable file formats to the desired cloud destination.

With the right solutions, small business professionals can redefine the limits of graphic and geographic capabilities. As the needs of SMBs continue to evolve, Dell will be right there to help them work smarter, anywhere. 

About the Author: Lisa Matrasko

Topics in this article