Seven Ways Dell Edge Certification Sets Solution Developers Apart

From enhanced testing and reliability to broader market reach, Dell's partnership program delivers the benefits ISVs need most.

Edge computing is transformative. It allows organizations to analyze and act on data at the source where it is generated – no centralized datacenter required. This means faster insights, which leads to better quality, greater efficiency, improved safety and stronger relationships across a variety of industries and applications.

For developers, however, testing edge solutions and replicating customer environments prior to delivery can be difficult. One reason for this is the vast amount of hardware options available for deploying solutions in edge environments. Developers also face the constant demand for solutions that stand out from the competition, all while remaining as operationally lean and efficient as possible.

To help our independent software vendor (ISV) partners overcome these challenges, Dell has developed the Dell Edge Partner Certification Program. This complimentary program provides a technical foundation for software vendors to build edge solutions.

By engaging with Dell, our partners gain much more than a certification label. Here are some of the significant benefits ISVs experience when they become Dell Edge Certified:

    1. Gain competitive advantage. Certifying with Dell shows the world that your solution has been tested and optimized on trusted Dell Edge hardware. This inspires confidence when customers are evaluating edge solutions.
    2. Verify edge interoperability. Dell certification connects you to a broad ecosystem of partners who use Dell hardware and software in complex, multi-vendor environments. This allows you to certify both your edge components and any hybrid cloud dependencies – all in one environment.
    3. Avoid cross-vendor compatibility concerns. By certifying with Dell Technologies, you demonstrate that your solution will perform seamlessly with components from other vendors, reducing performance problems and costly downtime. Dell Edge Partner Certification tests your application across multiple on-premises scenarios, from single-server installations to enterprise-scale deployments.
    4. Improve software quality. We curate a series of stringent yet time-conscious certification tests that address quality issues before they become problems for your customers. By certifying to Dell Edge standards, you can be confident knowing your solution delivers the high performance and reliability your customers expect.
    5. Gain access to new markets. The Dell customer base spans industries and geographies that are often difficult for growing solution developers to access. By certifying with Dell, you leverage Dell market reach to expand your customer base.
    6. Access technology innovations. Dell is at the forefront of edge innovation. By partnering and certifying with us, you have confidence knowing your solutions are fully compatible with the latest Dell Edge infrastructure advancements.
    7. Enhance customer relationships. Dell-certified partners gain valuable insight into customer behavior and the challenges that affect their target markets. This data helps you develop more effective solutions, which in turn fosters stronger relationships with customers.

Given the speed of innovation and competition, Edge solutions providers need every advantage they can get. Dell Edge Certification helps you go to market faster and reach wider audiences, all while streamlining processes and minimizing the risks deploying cutting-edge solutions entails.

Are you ready to take your edge solutions practice to the next level? Then now is the time for you to become Dell Edge Certified, too.

Learn more about the Dell approach to edge solutions here.

Jay Queen

About the Author: Jay Queen

Jay Queen is a Consultant Product Manager for Dell Technologies with a focus on developing the Dell Software Partner ecosystem for Edge Computing solutions. He is passionate about decentralized technologies, renewable energy applications and English Springer Spaniels.