Share Your Opinion For A Chance to Win $500 From Dell

There's any number of studies that show that consumers trust product opinions from friends, family members and other customers more than they trust what a company says about its own products.. Since 2006, we've added the Ratings and Reviews functionality in multiple countries and added the ability to share them in other social media sites. Many customers have told us that these reviews are helpful during the shopping process.

Since the early days, we've amassed thousands of reviews written by people around the world, sharing thoughts about what was great, what wasn't ideal and so on.   We appreciate those who take the time to write reviews, and want to encourage more people to submit new ones. So if you're one of our customers who have read reviews or used them to compare products, we're hoping you will take that next step and write one! Now it's the right time to finally grab the old pen and paper (or keyboard in this case) and put your words to use for a chance to win.  Share your opinions on anything and everything from the Studio 17 to the Wasabi Photo Printer or even non-Dell products that we sell through the Electronics and Accessories area on  Give us your thoughts, photos or submit a video review for all of the dell community to see.  

From July 2 – September 4, everyone that submits a review will be entered for a chance to win one of three $500 gift cards.  Write as many reviews as you want on each Dell product you own to increase your chance to win.  And remember, when you're writing your review, think about all the things you wanted to know about the product and tell people how you use your product in real life.  

To rate a product, you can visit or go to any of our product pages and sign in to write a review.  Dell uses your reviews in action across all of  The most useful reviews are selected to be Customer Spotlight Reviews  which many customers have told us help them when they are making up their minds on what to buy.  We want to put you and your review in the spotlight! Share your pictures, your stories, your thoughts with the community not only just for a chance to win but for a chance to be heard by all at the Dell community!

For more information, check out our official rules for our Ratings & Reviews Sweepstakes.

About the Author: Joseph Moke