Ship Solaris

There are many ideas on IdeaStorm calling for more choice in operating systems. Among them is an idea from IdeaStorm community member braininajar that suggests Dell add an option to install and support Solaris on our server product line. 

Today at Oracle OpenWorld in San Francisco, Dell and Sun Microsystems are announcing an agreement for Dell to make the Solaris Operating System and Solaris support services available directly to customers for select Dell PowerEdge servers.  This agreement assures customers that they can use the same Dell PowerEdge servers for multiple OS uses (Windows, Linux, Solaris etc.).

As part of the relationship, Dell and Sun will cooperate on system certification and the development of offerings based on Solaris and Dell solutions.  Dell and Sun have also agreed to work together to secure support from key ISVs for Solaris on Dell PowerEdge servers.  Today, select Dell servers are certified on the Sun Hardware Compatibility List (HCL).  Early next year, factory integrated or bundled Solaris OS for select Dell PowerEdge servers will be available to customers.  We’ll keep the community updated when the bundled option becomes available.

See Judy Chavis's Direct2Dell post today for more information.

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