Should Your Small Business Choose VoIP?

The type of phone system you choose has a lot to do with the size of your business, your budget, and they types of calls that you make. Many small and medium sized business owners use traditional phone systems because they can be cheap and easy to use- and after all, who but big companies needs fancy features like teleconferencing and global call transferring?

The truth is, VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) phone systems can benefit businesses with one employee or one hundred. Whether your office is in a towering complex or in your garage, VoIP has something to offer. Here’s a quick look at a few of the best things about VoIP:

Cost Savings
Number one on the list for most business owners that switch to VoIP service providers is saving money. VoIP service saves your business cash in a few ways: First, phone bill are less expensive. Since calls can’t be geographically routed, long distance charges can’t be attached, so you’ll pretty much pay one set monthly bill- whether you call Brooklyn or Bangladesh. Second, VoIP features increase productivity. If you have office sites in multiple locations, employees that travel or work from home, or conduct business at several different locations (an office and a factory nearby, for example), VoIP will allow you to communicate more effectively because you can reach employees easier. You can transfer calls between remote locations with the click of a button, making sure that information gets relayed to the correct person faster.


Gone are the unsightly phone cabinets and wires everywhere- especially if you use a hosted VoIP system. A hosted system routes calls to a provider’s location first, and then to your business, using an internet connection. This means that routing equipment is stored and maintained off-site. There’s no need for an expensive maintenance contract or the costs that can accompany on-site repairs.


VoIP service does this save on costs (cell phone bills, etc) it also makes communicating easier and more convenient. Traveling or remote employees can join conference calls from anywhere there’s an internet connection.


If your business has a large call volume and is looking for ways to become more efficient, using a VoIP system is a great solution. A VoIP system allows you to monitor customer hold times, employee talk times, and calls placed. Businesses that bill hourly also appreciate monitoring features that allow them to track call times and recipients easily- client billing is a snap when you have all of your call information- times, dates, and phone numbers- itemized in an easy-to-understand format.

About the Author: Betsy Brottlund