Siemens extends patients’ lives with Dell’s long-life workstation

How serious is Dell about OEM customers?  How serious
are Dell’s OEM customers about working with Dell?  You be the judge.

Today, Dell’s OEM team launches the Precision
— a workstation class product with a six year product
(3 years to purchase + 3 years of warranty support).  As
icing on the cake, we have locked the components that drive requalification to
an annual refresh cycle.  Our customers can now integrate cutting-edge
technology into their products while minimizing unplanned changes.

Why didn’t we lock the parts of the T5500EL for 3.5 years
like the OptiPlex
?  Because workstation customers need to keep their technology up to
date, and having three year old components at the time of purchase is not
aligned with that goal.  Instead, we take the opportunity to provide
updated technology when we refresh the key components once a year.

But this is bigger than a single product; Dell now has
long-life product portfolio that includes desktop, workstation and server
products.  Dell is committed to our OEM customers, but do they share our

Siemens Healthcare does, and that’s why they standardized
their SC2000
echocardiogram product on the T5500EL.  Not only did they like the
product, but they decided to take advantage of Dell’s OEM customization
capabilities and our global support programs.

How we achieve long life
is important, and it is where we flex our muscles.  Most industrial PC
manufacturers will call out their 5 (or more) year product life.  This is not
because their customers buy product constantly through the life of the
product.  Rather, customers in this space are used to buying most of their
volume up front and then purchasing identical product for service stock.

  • Instead of Siemens managing their own service stock, they
    trust Dell to handle it.
  • Instead of Siemens doing system customization, they trust
    Dell to handle it.
  • Instead of trying to manage component level quality in an
    x86 solution, they trust Dell to handle it.

As a result, Siemens focuses
on making better sonography technology and making
better products for their customers.  Stay tuned as Dell’s OEM product
line continues to expand and we continue to
highlight customers applying Dell technology in ways that better the world.

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