Small Business Tech Tip: Creating a Successful Webinar

Understanding how to develop and deliver a top-notch webinar can be more difficult than it sounds. Knowing how to pull together the presentation; what provider to use; and having the right set of notes to run a successful webinar are key in engaging the audience. Whether you’re preparing for a new customer win, providing existing customers with a quarterly update on your company or conducting a product demo, here’s a quick checklist to make sure you’re good to go:

Choosing a Webinar Service: Take a close look to ensure that the documents you want to share are supported by the webinar service you choose.

Practice Run Through: In order to avoid the technical problems while delivering a webinar, it’s important to set up a practice webinar to make sure that there are not any technology issues and everything runs smoothly. This will also help you become more familiar with the content ahead of the actual presentation.

Early Moderators: Part of webinar etiquette recommends that moderators arrive a few minutes early- this will help get the meeting started and participants set up on time.

Create a Meeting Agenda: Everyone has a busy schedule. As a moderator, it’s important to respect everyone’s time so to help keep everyone on track, develop and share a meeting agenda with participants ahead of the webinar.

Simplify Content: Webinars do not function the same as in-person meetings. To help guide the discussion within the given time constraints, make sure you include less content for the webinar.

Also, for those of you real social media types, consider hosting a Twebinar to get real-time feedback on your presentation.

About the Author: Kara Krautter