Small Business Tech Tip: New Ways to Manipulate Program Windows

I recently found an application that I’d like to share.  PowerMenu
is a free program that adds new functionality to the system menu of any
Windows application.  The system menu is that which appears when you
right click the top of an application's window or its taskbar button.

Once installed, PowerMenu automatically extends the system menu options for all programs.  They are as follows:

  • Priority – Changes the processing priority of the application
  • Transparency – Changes the transparency level of the window
  • Always on Top – Makes the window sit on top of other windows even if it is not the one you are working in
  • Minimize to Tray – Removes the window from the taskbar and places its icon in the system tray

To find out more about PowerMenu with screenshots, visit the following link and to download a version for yourself, you can visit Softpedia.

About the Author: Kelly Curnow