Small Business Tech Tip: Simplify the Way you Copy/Paste Files

When you do your online shopping, most store fronts have an
electronic shopping cart or basket so you can get all that you want and
only check out once, similar to your everyday local grocery store. 
Well, when it comes to copying and pasting files from multiple
locations on your local computer, there is a new free program that lets
you practice the same “basket” concept.  Piky Basket
is a simple, yet ingenious, little utility which extends the
right-click “copy” and “paste” functionalities of Windows by allowing
you to select and drop files into a virtual basket until you decide
where they all should go or paste them into their final destination. 

While Piky Basket can definitely minimize the overall “back and
forth” when copying, moving or backing up files and folders,
specifically I find it extremely helpful for a non-business
purpose—picking and choosing songs from different locations when
burning various artists’ music CD.  

Piky is integrated within Windows and works from the shell so it
doesn't use any additional resources.  You can download Piky Basket

About the Author: Kelly Curnow