Small Businesses at “Le Salon des Entrepreneurs 2009” in Paris

At the beginning of February I had the opportunity to go to “le Salon des entrepreneurs”, a business fair dedicated to entrepreneurship. Clearly it’s a first rate showcase for us, but it’s also a good place to trade. With my team, we have established that the needs and expectations of the businessmen are extremely diverse. Some hope to simplify their IT systems, whilst others want to optimise the performance of their system, put in place new applications, secure data or maybe put in place a mobile IT system and profit from a financial offer.


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One of the high points of the fair has to be the presentation of the position of self employed business man who represents numerous business creations to come. In effect the award is a way of progressively adopting the life of the business manager into the apparent success of the meeting, that is if we are to judge by the number of curious people who came to learn about the position.

And yet with everything accelerating, with a greater influx of information than ever before, with the security of data becoming a priority, with increasingly mobile workers and with the need to be quick becoming increasingly important, the workers of today and of the future must educate themselves before continuously acting and investing in IT. It will be a key element in the success of the future businessman whatever line of work they are in. We can see it already happening but its worth reminding oneself now and again.

Elsewhere, mobility has become an essential element in today’s world. Nowadays many work from home and take their computers out to meetings. This mobility requires wireless technology and consequently computers which are protected and secured in such a way that data is not lost in the event of hacking. A loss of data could in effect prove to be catastrophic for a Small or Medium sized Enterprise (SME).

In addition, numerous obstacles confront SMEs in their bid to distance themselves from the competition. The mediums sized businesses who want to become well known need to invest in innovation, conquer new markets abroad and develop business online. And again IT is there to help.

On the occasion of the trade fair, we were able to present our all new Vostro laptops and servers, especially created for the SMEs, as well as our offer of services (DellProSupport). We also participated in two workshops (“financial solutions for your IT projects in 2009”) and (“10 things to check before choosing your next computer”) which have been hugely successful.

At this event, we also presented the second edition of the Prize for Excellence for the Small and Medium Sized Businesses 2009, which recognises the most innovative use of information and communication technology amongst the SMEs. Notably, the French winners will win 20,000 Euros worth of Dell products and services… what a way to begin 2010! During these difficult times, it’s an extremely motivating objective!

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