Step up Innovation with Dell EMC PowerEdge and VMware

Learn how customers leverage the Dell EMC PowerEdge partnership with VMware in their path to hybrid cloud.

Breaking new ground is one of the most difficult tasks an IT team can do.  It requires knowledge, solid partnership, and trust into the new path forward.  Organizations like yours might be looking at hybrid cloud as that next route ahead.

Your company’s IT landscape needs to provide efficiency, flexibility, and scalability along with ease of deployment and management so that you can avoid growing pains. At the same time, you need to help your team comply with key security features while managing the headcount in your organization.  We’ve got your back! By using our solutions, customers like Trintech have increased operational efficiency, expanded globally, and achieved more IOPS without the need to expand their IT team.

With a solid partnership that extends over two decades, Dell Technologies and VMware consistently clear the path towards the new objectives your company needs to reach.

Solid partnership working for you

Dell EMC PowerEdge servers with VMware software combine industry leading x86 servers¹ with software in joint solutions that allow you to pick and choose optimal configurations that adapt to your needs. PowerEdge servers provide a secure infrastructure and foundation that’s flexible and scalable. Our partnership provides a unified solution that helps you flexibly architect and scale, automate and empower — regardless of workload.  Learn more in our PowerEdge and VMware portfolio brochure.

Graphic showing workflow Dell EMC PowerEdge with OpenManage Enterprise software.

Trust the Path Forward

Put your business on a solid path to success when you chose the optimal hardware and software partners in your integrated software stack. VMware brings virtualization with VMware vSphere®, and prepares your infrastructure for modern apps when you use vSphere with Tanzu on modern, agile Dell EMC PowerEdge servers. That’s why more businesses are choosing VMware vSphere with Tanzu™ and Dell EMC PowerEdge servers — to take business to the next level with greater ease, speed and confidence.

When it comes to modernizing and simplifying storage, you can boost efficiency with VMware vSAN™ 7 Update 2 on Dell EMC PowerEdge servers with improvements that supports several new vSAN use cases, whether you’re using them for core storage, stretched clusters, modern apps or remote/branch office (ROBO) deployments.

To complete your hybrid cloud, you can deploy VMware Cloud Foundation™ on premises as a private cloud, run it as a service within a public cloud, or take the hybrid cloud approach. At the end of the day improved performance + familiar deployment = a winning solution that makes everything more efficient and creates less headaches for your IT staff.

When it comes to workloads, we provide an easy path for your upgrades. PowerEdge and VMware can help organizations with a large SQL Server database upgrade to the latest SQL 2019 easily and achieve performance improvements of 53% on newer hardware and software. Take a look at the report here.  Newer hardware and software solutions from Dell Technologies and VMware can help IT teams run more VMs in the same rack space and more easily manage large SQL Server deployments in a virtualized environment, all while providing a layered approach to high availability. With simplified OEM licensing and support options, PowerEdge and VMware together can help IT teams architect, validate, and build solutions that meet specific business needs.

Easier and faster lifecycle management

Managing your software and hardware lifecycle is something to important in your path; but don’t worry we got your back on this topic as well! Our sophisticated, unified lifecycle management​ solution across virtualized and ​non-virtualized environments between OpenManage Integration with VMware vCenter​ (OMIVV) and vSphere Lifecycle Manager (vLCM) saves administrators valuable time. For example, you can check hardware compatibility on a single node with 87% less hands‑on time and 85% fewer steps.²

Certainly, Dell Technologies and VMware clients have a lot to celebrate – in addition to new solutions to discover during Dell Technologies World 2021.  We invite you to join our session at Dell Technologies World:  4 Ways to Make Hybrid Clouds More Agile, Intelligent and Secure with PowerEdge and VMware.  Let us guide you into your new path!

¹ IDC, WW Quarterly x86 Server Tracker, 4Q2020 Unit Shipments, March 11, 2021.

² Principled Technologies report commissioned by Dell Technologies, “New VMware vSphere 7.0 features reduced the time and complexity of routine update and hardware compliance tasks,” August 2020.

About the Author: Linka Biaggi

Linka Biaggi is a global product consultant in the Global Technical Product Marketing team for PowerEdge and VMware. She focuses on vSAN and vSAN Ready Nodes. With over 10 years of experience in high-tech marketing, Linka has held regional marketing positions in commercial and consumer segments.