Taming Big SAP Data Landscapes

New workload-optimized, six to 16-socket servers deliver performance and scale to support the largest SAP HANA TDI environments.

Extending Dell’s comprehensive portfolio of SAP HANA TDI certified systems, the new Dell S5000 Series server, from six to 16-sockets and up to 24TB of memory, delivers performance and scale to organizations with large landscapes that want to deploy on-premises using shared infrastructure.

The Dell S5000 Series server.
The Dell S5000 Series server.

For many large organizations, SAP HANA offers the capabilities that are critical for operating in a modern, digital economy, including real-time processing, advanced analytics and insights gleaned from big data and the Internet of Things. Processing large data volumes, expected to increase by more than 21% CAGR over the next five years¹, organizations need an infrastructure solution that can scale with the demands of the business and enable them to grow for years in the future.

To keep up with this increasing amount of data, many organizations are making the transition to the cloud. However, some organizations needing to respond to data sovereignty and data residency constraints, or address application latency and data entanglement concerns, want to retain complete control over their systems and data. There are also organizations that want to continue to protect current investments in on-premises SAP infrastructure, tools and operational processes.

SAP HANA Tailored Datacenter Integration (TDI) solutions offer flexibility when integrating SAP HANA systems into existing data centers. This deployment approach enables organizations to choose their preferred hardware vendors and infrastructure from a list of supported SAP HANA hardware. Organizations can also leverage existing hardware and operation processes in their data centers.

Optimize for Big SAP HANA TDI Landscapes

To address these challenges, we have released the Dell S5000 Series server, exclusively for SAP HANA TDI. Powered by Intel® Xeon® Scalable (Cascade Lake) processors, the up-to-eight-socket Dell S5408 8U rack and the up-to-16-socket Dell S5416 21U rack are delivered as integrated, pre-configured systems for quicker deployment and faster time to value.

Delivering exceptional real-time performance and enabling flexible, cost-effective and reliable response, the Dell S5000 Series server:

    • Boosts real-time applications with industry leading performance. Delivers all the benefits of modern, in-memory database and applications with up to 24TB of memory and industry-leading two-tier SAP SD application benchmark performance for eight-socket Intel® Cascade Lake, SAPS of 674,080².
    • Optimizes total-cost-of-ownership with granular scalability. Reduces overprovisioning, expensive and disruptive upgrades, and re-platforming with easy expansion from six to 16-socket with a unique architecture that allows growth in increments with a two-socket base unit.
    • Keeps operations running with mission-critical reliability. Anticipates potential failures and simplifies preventive maintenance with thousands of control points, early warning features, an Intel® RAI feature that includes Run Sure® technology and several innovative memory protection features.

Broad Portfolio of Offerings

Dell Technologies offers one of the industry’s broadest and most innovative server portfolios certified for SAP HANA TDI. Organizations can choose two and four-socket Dell PowerEdge servers for up to 6TB of memory – and now six to 16-socket Dell S5000 Series servers for up to 24TB of memory. All servers are available with a choice of processors for the best fit in terms of frequency and number of cores or power consumption. They can be combined with SAP-certified Dell networking, storage and data protection solutions – with all the infrastructure backed by the Dell services ecosystem to keep your business running. 

To learn more about Dell Technologies solutions for SAP and how our comprehensive portfolio of SAP HANA TDI certified servers can help tame your data landscapes, contact your Dell Technologies sales representative or business partner and visit Dell’s SAP solutions page.

1 IDC white paper, sponsored by Dell Technologies and NVIDIA, High Data Growth and Modern Applications Drive New Storage Requirements in Digital Transformed Enterprises, July 2022, IDC Doc. #US49359722

2 Leadership in SAPS for the two-tier SAP Sales and Distribution (SD) Standard Application benchmark for 8-socket Intel® Cascade Lake servers running Linux, 647,080, as of November 20, 2022.  (Note, Dell shares leadership with the Atos BullSequana S800 that also achieved SAPS of 674,080.) Actual results will vary. Performance results of the Dell S5408 (8 processors / 224 cores / 448 threads, Intel® Xeon® Platinum 8280L processor, 2.70 GHz, 64 KB L1 cache and 1,024 KB L2 cache per core, 38.5 MB L3 cache per processor, 3,072 GB main memory) on the two-tier SAP Sales and Distribution (SD) Standard Application – number of benchmark users 123,123; average dialog response time: 0.96 seconds; fully processed order line items per hour 13,481,670; dialog steps per hour: 40,445,000. SAP benchmark with enhancement package 5 for SAP ERP 6.0; SAP ASE 16; SUSE Linux Enterprise Server 15.Certification Number 2022021 from September 14, 2022.  For details see https://www.sap.com/benchmark.

About the Author: Chhandomay Mandal

Dr. Chhandomay Mandal is the Director of Solutions Marketing at Dell Technologies. He leads solutions across artificial intelligence, analytics, business applications, VDI and HPC as well as industry-specific solutions for healthcare, media & entertainment, semiconductors and smart manufacturing. Prior to his current role, he led Dell’s all-flash storage solutions marketing efforts for desktop virtualization, server virtualization and private cloud. Dr. Mandal has been awarded 13 patents. He has a PhD from University of Florida, MBA from Indiana University, and BTech from Indian Institute of Technology.