TechKnowledge: A Conversation with Boyd Beasley of Electronic Arts

For many of us, the games provided by Electronic Arts have become part of our lives.  In some cases, this may be an understatement!  So, it was a lot of fun for myself and our team to sit down with Boyd Beasley, Senior Director of Customer Support for EA during his recent visit to Austin.  He met with our team, including John Blain, who oversees our gaming community, to share best practices on how we can all improve in providing our customers with the best support, ranging from how to most effectively work with griefers and trolls to which games are of highest interest to our Dell Community and how Dell and EA can better partner in the future to answer your questions in our forums.  On this latter point, I am confident we can improve how we share content between EA and Dell for the benefit of our customers.  The answer is surely not RTM…rather, we should help with RTS by making it easier for you to find answers you need.

It’s always amazing to talk about the sophistication of today’s games, whether it is Eve, one of the world’s most popular MMO games – WoW, Sims or Spore.  The need to share tips, to work as a team and to get answers quickly at the convenience of the gamer is critical to enjoying the game and being successful at it.  And you don’t game for 40+ hours a week unless you are planning on succeeding. 

I hope you enjoy my interview with Boyd.  He provides great insights worth a few minutes of your time. 

By the way, if you are wondering, I’m a beginner at gaming.  I’m the guy in Halo 3 that you all shoot before he has a chance to advance…. Yep, that’s me.  But watch out……I’m learning.

About the Author: Bob P