TechKnowledge: A Conversation with Brett Hurt, CEO of Bazaarvoice

He started programming when he was seven and he built his first bulletin board system at the age of ten, so I guess it’s no surprise that Brett Hurt grew up to become a technology entrepreneur.

Brett is Founder and CEO of Bazaarvoice, a leader in enabling customers to help other customers navigate the world of e-commerce.  If you feel more empowered today when you are poring through ratings and reviews before making a purchase, spend a second and thank Brett and his team for creating the tools and infrastructure to make it happen. 

I believe companies of any size should be actively embracing ratings and reviews of their products and combining this with conversations on your blogs, wikis and forums.  If you are not doing this yet, well….your customers are doing it for you anyway without you knowing…..and you’re missing out on a great way to learn about your products.  As Sam Decker of Bazaarvoice says, think of it as “customer oxygen” for your organization. 

I hope you enjoy our interview.  

About the Author: Bob P